Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bald Eagle

After visiting Julie Marie's latest post, I was reminded of our little friends we've been watching for a while now..  and decided to share...

With Spring...  brings newness of life.  
We've been watching Mama bald eagle live via webcam.

I hope everyone is enjoying spring!


  1. Hi Bobbi, I guess I don't understand that first comment? If it is about the dog eating the baby birds, I am not happy with it... Nature is such an incredible gift from God... I get really upset when people try to make funny comments that are not funny about it... thank YOU for sharing this beautiful live cam... in Native American, the Eagle is the most powerful messenger to the Divine... I shall send a message of thanks to Him for Mama Eagle and her babies... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. I can't sees nuttin theres but a black screen....sigh. Maybes it's my 'puter.
    Anyways, Eagles is huuuuuuge, but not as big as Big Bird.
    I do knows I has to be carfeuls outside withs big birds so they don't takes me to their nest.


  3. I used to watch that cam a lot! It is so cool!

  4. What a magnificent creature! Thanks for posting this Bobbi!

  5. Please let Gracie know that Samson is now home, recovering from being neutered and having his dew claws removed. Tell her he has a very, very large cone, they call it an Elizabethian collar at the vet, over his head. And while happy to be home, he not pleased with all that has happened to him.

  6. Sweet! Thanks for sharing this with me! Spring is bringing new life! HUGS!

  7. This video is so beautiful to watch!

  8. Love watching webcam of nature in action. We had FROST here last week and again this. Spring has disappeared. So sad. Take care.

  9. Oh my! That eagle cam is stunning! Eagles are gorgeous... they embody to me, anyways.... our beautiful America...and I am always stuck by God's amazing handiwork whenever I see them....

    Heard a minister preach a message about the that when the babies get big enough to learn to fly, Mama Eagle will begin to remove the soft things from the nest to make it a bit uncomfortable... in order to prod the babies to stop being so comfortable and want to leave the nest.... and how that sometimes God will let certain things happen in our lives, removing the soft things, so to speak, to prod us to learn, grow, and "fly".....

    Eagles are magnificent creatures and I think we can learn a lot from them...... thanks so much for sharing this.... as you can see, bobbi, it got me to thinking!

  10. So sweet! We have a center here in NC called the Carolina Raptor Center. It is in Huntersville! It is amazing! They take in injured raptors and will rehabilitate if possible. If not, they become permanent residence. Two of their eagles, Derrick & Savannah, have a camera in their nest that allows us to see their babies. They grow up and are released back into the wild. They do such good work. You can follow them on facebook if you are interested.


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