Monday, March 26, 2012

The Rambling of a Sleep Deprived Individual

Everyone is enjoying the first of Spring I suppose?  I love the warmer temperatures.   We didn't have much of a winter.  A few snow flakes and cold.

I sent for some wildflowers and a strawberry bush.  I don't do well with plants or flowers, but planting wildflowers is like boiling water.  How can I fail.  Right?  

Gary is waiting for his cherry trees to arrive.  After seeing The Lorax he promised Rissi that they'd plant some trees together and so...  that will be this week hopefully.  

I've been painting, cleaning, and organizing around the house.  I thought of a yard sale for my overflow of 'stuff' but then I thought...  Naaaaah!  Salvation Army or Goodwill sounds easier and better.  

The raisins and gin have not helped my hands at all.  I'll try eating a few more each day until they're gone.  I'm not likely to buy more then.  Some people swear by it...  It just isn't working for me.

My hands really hurt and typing stiffens them and just makes it worse.  I love to write though, so I'll continue until I can't.  I love reading all of your blogs, but I don't always comment...  I hope you understand.  It's not because I don't love reading what you have to say.  

Last night -   I didn't sleep, not at all.  Ugh!  
I hate it when that happens.  

Well, it's Monday; the start of a brand spanking new week.  Does anyone else have any complaints/health issues/gripes/or happy thoughts they'd like to share?

Ok then.  Let's get busy.  
If you have to go to work, have a good work week.  
If you're retired,  do something fun and enjoy!!  

Every day is one more opportunity to make a difference.


  1. Geez, whres do I even begin withs my complaints? Mum has a debilitatin' case on tennis elbow and hers not even plays has effected her fingers nows. So dat is gonna NOT be good when her new camera gets heres...hehehehehe.
    Are you sures you ain't doin da raisin thing right? You suppose to drink da gin and then chase it withs da raisins.


  2. Oh dear Bobbi, I can't make it without sleep:( It only happens occasionally but when it does, it really messes me up! Hope you have time to get a little rest today! I am sure sorry the remedy isn't working, I was wanting my Sister to try it! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGs (Retired)

  3. My doggies have had upset tummy so me, VERY LITTLE SLEEP. Hope you rest soon.

  4. I know how it feels not to sleep. I'm always really stiff in the morning, but not just my fingers.

    It looks like it's going to be a lovely day, and I am going to haul the trash out, all that fun Monday stuff!

    I hope you can get a power nap at lunch!

  5. My Momma be all achy too....all da time....specially lately cause her is supposed to start da spring cleanin. Her is using Bronkitis has a reason NOT to start da cleanin!

    Gracie...take good care of your Momma and make hers feel all better! If her fingers hurt too bad, her might not be able to pick up your bowl to put da food in it! Not good...nose, not good!

  6. Do I really get to complain? Well, first up, my mom left me to go to work this morning! That's bad! Plus, her back was acting up all weekend so she was kind of crabby all weekend!

    OK, now I feel better and will put on my happy face.

    Your pal, Pip

  7. So very sorry, Bobbi. I certainly sympathize and will be praying for you. You have had so much on you lately. Maybe soon you can take a break. Big hugs to you and Gracie.

  8. Have you looked into cold laser treatment, or cortisone shots? What about going to a specialist, I know there are so many things you can try and they can probably help you, I hate to see you in pain like about finding a good specialist?

  9. You mean if I complain, you will listen??? Wow! Uh, my upper right arm has been hurting a lot! Maybe Miss Mindy is just getting to heavy? LOL Hope you feel better!

  10. I'm sorry to hear about the stiffness in your hands. I tried the gin and raisins too, but it didn't work for me either. I hope you get a good night's rest tonight.

  11. I think I have caught up with most of your posts - - read about Gracie and the painted feet and subsequent footprints - - - and Davy Jones' death - - - somehow I missed that in the news - - - LOVED him as did many my age - - - looked at his pics and webpage - - but what's going on with your hands? Is it more than simple arthritis - - although arthritis does complicate life. It sounds like too much pain for that though.

  12. Due to a crisis with my daughter I've been sleep deprived too. Sorry to hear about your hands. Both my husband and I also have problems with ours. The GIN and RAISINS were worth a try. Too bad it didn't work out. Your wildflowers, strawberry bush and cherry trees are going to be awesome. Take care.

  13. Oh sweet friend Bobbi.... I can't stand the thought of you hurting.... you will def. be in my prayers......

    Gentle hugs,


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