Friday, March 23, 2012

Angry Bird Speaks

Hey you!  

Yea... you, white dog.  

What cha laughin' at?  Ya tink it's funny watchin' da angry bird takin a bat in the bird bat aka watering trough 
for da white dog?

Yea - well...

Karma's a U NO WHAT!


Look who got her ears lowered...  Now who's laughin'?


  1. Dear Gracie,

    I am so sorry you got the same hair cut that I did, but like everybody says... It will grow out! Cheer up, you look a lot better than I do!

  2. got scalped!

  3. Gracie, That's a nice summertime do!!! You are beautiful!

  4. Aw, hahaha! Poor Gracie. She looks quite pretty in her new do, and she looks a little angry and humiliated too. :-D

  5. Gracie, you don't look so bad !!! I think it is a good hair cut for you to be comfortable all summer!! Your Mom loves you and doesn't want you to be hot!!!
    OH Bobbi thank you so much!!! I would love to meet you and you are so kind to say you would help me with my dirty floor. I just can't do the house-work like I use to do!!! I guess that is why people my age are in assisted living homes......

  6. GRACIE don't look so GRUMPY. Your new hairdo looks WONDERFUL. LOVE those cute red bows. As for having ANGRY BIRD for dinner. You may have met your match.

  7. You look very pretty, Gracie.

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Hi Gracie
    Don't let that Angry Bird make fun of you! You are beautiful! And I love your red bows in your curls.

  9. Awww.... Gracie, you are a stylin' doll - baby now, with your pretty red bow and new "do"! But most of all, I ADORE the disgusted/patient/long - suffering look on your face! hehe!

    and it looks like somebody had fun with Angry Bird! well, everybody needs a bath some times!

  10. I personally think you look beautiful! Give angry bird a big old bite!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  11. Oh Gracie I think you look great! I got a similar 'spring cut' too! Hey, when the heat hits you will have the last laugh!!

  12. Oh Gracie, I bet that feels REALLY good:) Enjoy your weekend, HUGS!

  13. You look beautiful Gracie!! And you and the Angry Bird match!! And soon, you and Charlie will too--He's up for his spring-do in a week, but they don't put bows in his hair...Thankfully! :-)

  14. I think Gracie has succeeded in making the Angry Bird even angrier! And Gracie, maybe no Oreos for Summer, how would you feel about puffs or cheerios, maybe some nice melba toast? Just catching up.

  15. As always, I am impressed with your literary creativity! This was a fun update!!!


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