Sunday, February 5, 2012


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Dear Diary,

Mom seems to think that if she buys me a four foot alligator with over 32 squeakers inside that it will make everything okay and I'll forget all about my imprisonment last week.  News for her!  This cockapoo cannot be bought.  I'll tear that Wally limb from limb...  see how the nag mom likes that...  Trouble is, I don't know where to begin.  Gracie.


  1. oh my gosh, poor pup, thats a big job!

  2. Sweet Gracie, pupster, you look worn out already! LOL! Bet you have lots of fun tearing Wally up, though....


  3. That song brings back memories! Your cabin is totally cool, luxurious yet still a cabin! You DID get Gracie an awesome toy! Has she torn it apart yet? Does she tear many toys apart?

  4. Gracie
    That will be a very big job if you tare that stuff apart.
    First check to make sure it does not have any toofies!

  5. LOVE the cabin. So intimate and sweet. The perfect place for a getaway. GRACIE. "If you're going to wrestle a gator. START with the mouth and work your way back. I realize you are still miffed about your temporary lodging, last week... BUT 32 squeakers would IMPRESS me. I'm just saying. Be careful not to swallow any of them, though." Take care.

  6. Don't worry, wait till you start squeeking ALL 36 squeekers...da nag, er, your mom will put in da trash.
    Good times them squeekers is.

    I prefers to be bought withs food.


  7. Thats a whole lot of squeakers! It would not be allowed in my house!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  8. Looks like you're still given' da peeps da cold tweetment. 32 squeakers!!! Yikes! Better get busy!

  9. The cabin where you stayed looks cozy and nice. Gracie has her work cut out for her with that toy!

  10. What a great cabin! I'm sure that deep down Gracie was tickled pink to have you home.

  11. Zoie has been busy tearing up all the lovely toys Miss Angel Maggie sent her too, so go at it Gracie !!! ENJOY!!!

  12. Gracie, you are sooo cute when you're mad!

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  14. Just catching up on your last few posts. The Mayberry trip looked like such fun; and you & Gary look like you were really having a great time. The cabin was positively dreamy!

    It didn't look like Gracie was accepting the alligator peace offering. ;-)

  15. Love the cabin! Very cute!

    Too funny about the alligator! Gracie, don't be too rough on it...LOL!


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