Sunday, February 26, 2012


In hearing aids, January and February usually
 prove to be poor sales months.  

We were ready for the lull in business.  

After all, it's winter.  Time for hibernation... right?

Well, January was business as usual.  
Things slowed down some, but not a whole lot.  

When do we get to rest?

Then along came February.  
This has been our best month since we opened in July!!  

We are busy, busy, busy!

As for the hibernation thing...

Gracie says she'll take care of that for us.


  1. Thank goodness for Gracie to take care of all your needs (like rest)

  2. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it! And it looks like she is doing a good job!!
    Glad that business is so good - what a great start to your new business. Congrat's!

  3. Praise God, your business is blessed!

    Gracie's bed looks like one of Leyna's, soft'n'comfy. :-)

  4. Congrats on your success! Looks like Gracie has the whole hibernation thing under control!!!

  5. Glad your business is booming. Those leisure hours will have to take a back seat. Looks like GRACIE knows a thing or too about relaxing. Take care.

  6. So awesome that the business is booming! Gracie, so glad you can fill in for the peeps!

  7. So awesome that the business is booming! Gracie, so glad you can fill in for the peeps!

  8. Great to have good business when it is supposed to be down:) Have a blessed day, Gracie, enjoy the hibernation:) HUGS!

  9. I'm glad to hear that business is so good. Gracie looks quite capable to do the hibernation job for you! :)

  10. I thinks dat is just marvelous news dat da business has been busy. Dat way you can aford to buy Gracie extra treats...dat is WHY you work, right?


  11. Well, me was gonna say it but da Puddles already has it covered so me jus go back to me own hibernating.....jus like Gracie!

  12. Glad things are going so well! Rest up, Gracie!

    Your pal, Pip

  13. So glad about your business doing better!!! Your story below is just awful!!!! And this place looks so new and high tech!! So how is she today, was it just medicine side effects? Could they substitute another medicine? SO good you were there for both of them, you really do need an advocate in situations like this.

  14. Glad to hear business is booming!

  15. So glad that business is doing great!


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