Friday, January 20, 2012

Something That Would Provoke

Last Monday Gary left for Florida to help his uncle who lives alone and was ill.  He took Uncle Vic to the doctor and got the proper medication for him and now he's doing much better.  

Gary was missed.  But while he was away, Lindsey came down with the girls just about every night to keep Gracie and me company.  We were so glad!  

We had some quality time with the Cupcake and the Kitten (my pet name for the new one).

Dear Diary,

There are seven words that come out of the Cupcakes mouth that make me cringe...  well, eight actually...

'grammy, can i take gracie for a walk?'

I used to run to the door and wait to have my harness and leash attached...  excited that the Cupcake was going to bring some sunshine into this poor dogs life by taking her (me)for a walk (my favorite thing in the whole world).  But then, it hit me.  A walk with the Cupcake consists of me being leashed alright... 

 and then walked down the hall!  

No new smells there.  And try doing your business on that walk and see if you don't get the 'Gracie you're a bad dog!' lecture...

And this time the Cupcake discovered a new way of torturing me.  'grammy, i tied gracie up' she said.  What?  Is she serious?!  Does she think I couldn't get lose if I really wanted to?..  geesh.

The nag mom would wonder why I would digress from my everyday perfect pup ways...

And do things I wouldn't normally do...

But she should've put this paper away.  Christmas is over.

And anyway, I needed something to rip apart...  something besides my Angry Bird, which I'm allowed to have.  Something that would provoke her.  Someone needed to pay for my misery.

And now I just have to wonder. 

 Is it worth it to have a cookie thrown my way now and again?  


  1. Good gracious, I was wondering wheres ya'll had been but I sees Gracie has been well...occupied by da Cupcake.
    Kids are so funny. My Girl used to do dat to me and I sympathize withs you Gracie. At least hers didn't choke you withs da leash;)


  2. Those two little ones are just precious! I know that you enjoyed their visits while Da Man was outta town!

    Gracie, next time the cupcake comes to the door... RUN GRACIE, RUN!!!!

    Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  3. Glad Gary's uncle is doing better. How wonderful to have the "girls" visit with you, Bobbi. Sweet pictures you have shared.

    Gracie, you hang in there, ok? Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  4. Woof! Woof! Oh so cute ... both girls are getting bigger. Precious moments every time they visit ... I am sure Gracie appreciates it! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. At least you got a walk....Me hasn't been out fur a walk since last summer when me went on va-K-shun. Can me borrow da cupcake fur a while?

  6. Hi Bobbi and Gracie... thank you so much for your heartfelt comments on my post... I still have so many mixed feelings about quitting blogging, I miss posting already... but it had gotten to a point where it was stressing me, and I needed to step away... I will still visit you and Gracie... you are dear friends to me and Tessy... perhaps one day, I shall start a new blog, maybe just about Nature... love to you, xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy

  7. I'll bet you really had a good time with the girls Gracie!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  8. MOL Gracie...sounds like you and Cupcake need to have a meeting of the minds to discuss the definition of 'walk'. Of course it must include a change of scenery, lots of pee mail and lots of grass watering.

    Cute post and adorable g-children.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  9. The girls are looking sweet - all three of them! Can't leave Gracie out of the mix!

    It's nice to have company while Gary is gone. It sounds like his Uncle is better from the care and the company.


  10. Ha hahaha! Bobbi, my mom was in the other room, and I started laughing so hard over Gracie's picture (the bottom one) and she had to come see what I was so tickled about.... then SHE started laughing out loud.....

    That Gracie's eyes TALK! you can read every emotion.... she is so funny......

    Cover those sweet girls with sugar....

    And my thoughts and prayers will be with Gary and his uncle...


  11. Happy Friday, I have to say your grands are adorable and if Gracie ever decides she wants to live elsewhere I'd take her in half a second. I know you got her and are keeping her. Maybe she can get cupcake to start giving her treats after her pretend walks.
    Hugs, Noreen

  12. So funny! I can see you've had your hands full!! Such precious pictures of Summer. How did you come up with the pet name? I'm so glad Gary's uncle is better, I know they are so close.

  13. Ah, Gracie - you look like you've shed a tear in that last photo. Do you need to come spend some time with Woody?

  14. Oh, Gracie, your diary is priceless. You are such an astute observer of the world around you, Cupcakes and all. I look forward to reading your diary every day and I'm so glad your diary is not a big SECRET! Samson says hello. He's kind of upset because this person, or whatever it is with a name like Fishducky, was allowed to post twice on OUR blog without his permission.

  15. It's good Uncle Vic's health has improved. Visits from loved ones, make a difference, for sure. Glad you weren't alone while your hubby was out of town. Having your two granddaughters stop by with your daughter had to be the highlight of each day. LOVE Summer in purple. GRACIE when you are the center of attention, don't despair, milk it.

  16. Dear Gracie
    I know just how you feel. If something is left laying around- then its ment for me to tear up!
    We do need entertainment- don't we?
    Nitey nite Gracie

  17. Poor, poor, Gracie.
    It's really tough when grandbabies enter into the picture, but just between you and me, "I'd do about anything to get a cookie now and then".

  18. You poor poor poor baby!!! Come live with us Gracie, I promise lots of play time outside with Zoie!!
    xx, Zoie & Fern

  19. The 'Kitten' is getting big; and so precious looking!

    Poor Gracie, she hasn't a clue that double-trouble's about to invade her world. ;-)

  20. hmmmm - - - could you run and hide under a bed to escape from Cupcake?
    Kitten sure is a long baby, isn't she?

  21. One of the great things about 'family'.....being there for you.

  22. That is so nice that Gary looks after his uncle! I am glad that he is feeling better! Sounds like you had a good time with the girls while he as gone.


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