Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mock Walk

    "Gracie, I get to stay with you for 2 whole days while my mommy goes to the hospital to have my baby sister!"

Gracie:  "Do you got any cookies?"

  "Gracie, We're going to play school and hide and seek ...  and I'm going to take you for a lot of walks down the hall.  Where's your leash?"

Gracie:  "I flushed it down the toilet.  By mistake of course."

  "Let me hug my baby Sissi goodbye first Gracie.  Then we'll find your leash."

Gracie:  "What part of 'I flushed it down the toilet by mistake' do you not understand?



  1. GRACIE humor her. You didn't flush your leash down the toilet. If you did, your momma would have a BIG plumbing problem. And she doesn't, does she? Go for the walk, GRACIE, cookies or no cookies. It'll be fun. Besides, everbody is on pins and needles at your house, waiting for a NEW little baby to be born. You've got to be there for them, GRACIE. They NEED you, especially one special little girl who is going to be a big sister. Take care.

  2. Loved the picture with Marisa hugging her little sister! they will be the best of buddies! How exciting you get to have Marisa with you for the next few days. I'm sure Gracie will eventually warm up to the idea!!


  3. That last picture of Gracie is a scream!! I think Rissie is going to learn a new word this week, "sarcasm"!!

  4. I've said it before, and have to say it again after looking at these pics.... Gracie, you have one of the most expressive faces I've ever seen on a dog....yep, that's right, we can tell what you are you better be good!

    luv the pic of Rissi and her sissy that is still a "little bun in the oven" but soon to be here!

    Bobbi, I am so excited for all of y'all!

  5. Oh gosh! I can just feel the excitment!!!! What a Blessed time for all of you, even Gracie (hehe).

  6. Gracie, you wittle devil, you! Me can see da writing all ovr' your face in da last pic. You can't fools me....da Queen of da wittle devils! BWHahahahahaha

    Me be sittin' on da pins and needles {ouch} waitin for da furst pics of da new wittle one....couldn't ask for a better Christmas pressie!

  7. I LOVE all the many faces of sweet little Gracie!... and Rissi is just adorable... good luck to all with baby sissie coming... xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy

  8. Gracie I wish Zoie was a little more like you!!!! All she wants to do is walk!!!!
    xx, Zoie & Fern

  9. Good luck on the birth of your Grand-baby sister!!!

  10. What a face in the last picture!!! Heehee

  11. Hi Gracie..oh boy you are having a sleep over with your BFF and before long there will be two BFFs.
    Have fun and let us know when the baby comes and what her name is.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  12. You all are going to have a FUN time together:) Mock walks are fun! Can't wait to see that sweet new baby Sister! Hope you all get along nicely, eat lots of cookies and roll around in the floor and play! HUGS!

  13. Bobbi, this was one of your best posts! The photos are so good and capture the feelings so well! Very well done! Also, good luck with everything in the 'baby' department!

  14. Such an extra special Christmas this year for each of you! (except maybe Gracie, judging from that last picture!!!) God bless you all.

  15. Of all the dogs I see online, there really is no one like Gracie. Her face, her expressions, her eyes, the way her mind works, her diary -- all that makes up Gracie is absolutely PRICELESS! No wonder Samson is so smitten.

  16. LOL!! Gotta LOVE the expression on Gracie's face in the last photo. It's gonna be a wild couple of days.
    (I'll be watching for photos of the new baby sister.)


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