Friday, December 9, 2011

Fanatical Friday

Fanatic?  Who, me? 

Obsessed?  Just a little...

Should I apologize?  Probably so...

I promise...  my Grammy high will pass.

And I'll be normal again...

It's not my fault you know....

If she'd just stop being so cute...

 If they would stop being so cute...

Summer on her birth day...  (taken with Lindsey's phone and for some reason I can't get this picture to rotate)

 Dear Diary,

Pinky = Rissi's best friend.  She's pink, just like her name and she wears a different outfit every day.  I'd like to tear her from limb to limb (cause that's what us dogs like to do)  but Pinky is OFF LIMITS.  
Bambi = Rissi's blankie and comforter for all of her life. I want to snuggle with Bambi and see what all the fuss is about but 
Bambi is OFF LIMITS.  
But I watch and wait...  and fantasize... Maybe some day.   Gracie.


  1. I hope your Grandma high never wears off, Bobbi! You just keep enjoying (and sharing what you want) your precious wee ones!! So adorable!

    Gracie, Gracie, Gracie......You must leave Pinky alone!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don't even think about it!


  2. Enjoy that "Sweet Baby High", you lucky girl, you! Congratulations!!

    Gracie, things WILL get better. She won't stay a baby forever. I promise!!

  3. beautiful post, congratulations to all.

  4. Oh, Bobbi, you ARE being normal. Don't change a thing! And, Gracie, just be patient. You'll get back to the tennis court soon (and maybe get some dropped cookie crumbs... )

  5. You ride the wave of your Grandma High for as long as you want. You earned it. ENJOY every moment. All those pictures are beautiful. Love the one showing footsies. But my favorite is the one with Summer wearing the little sister hat and Rissi beside her. Just so-oo precious. GRACIE, GRACIE. Get a hold of yourself. Don't even think about little Pinky being torn limb to limb. You're too NICE for that. What would you do if your favorite thing was destroyed. As for Bambi, do you really want to get your fur all over a blankie? Your time will come GRACIE, just be patient.

  6. Being a grandmother myself, I actually think you have not shown ENOUGH pictures, he he he!!! Summer is amazing, she looks like Rissie's little baby doll! Love the first picture picture of the feet!!!

  7. We love your grandma high!
    And Gracie- your day will come!

  8. I'm a Nana. You can never show too many pictures and yours are darling. What sweethearts you have.

  9. Oooh! I just love those chubby cheeks...... and you are just showing your normal "Grammy - Pride", Bobbi..... God has blessed you with beautiful grandchildren.... you have a right to be proud... and we are enjoying those pics...

  10. Such sweet pictures, Bobbi! Rissi looks like a very loving big sis. Best wishes and congrats!

    Gracie, you be a good girl - Santa is coming!

  11. Bobbi, if you weren't posting pictures of your precious grand daughter, I would think there was a problem!! :-)) The pictures of 'the sisters' are a great way to start my day--A reminder of the circle of life!

  12. I am enjoying seeing this sweetest little new angel:) Keep the pictures coming!!!!! They are all precious and everyone looks sooooo happy... well except Gracie:)

    Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  13. Thats the best high to be on! Be good Gracie!

  14. Summer is a beautiful little girl! Rissi probably can't wait to really be a Big Sister to her and get her home and start "training" her. LOL

    You have a beautiful family, Bobbi!

  15. Don't ever apologize for wanting to be a's your right me thinks! Hey tell Rissi..I have a Pinkie too!

  16. YAYAYAYAYAY another beautiful girl to add to your family photo album.
    Love the purple polish on Rissi. Before long Summer will have some too.
    CONGRATS and you never need to come off Granny high as far as we're concerned!! Hugs
    Madi and Mom

  17. She's beautiful! We can see why you are a fanatic :) Congratulations!
    Maddy and Owen

  18. Congratulations,,,all your girls are beautiful......

  19. She's just beautiful! You have every right to be proud!


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