Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Christmas Blues

Gracie:  I'm not moving.  No way.  You'll have to build the stupid Christmas village around me.  You should've never moved my chair away from MY window.

Me:  But Gracie...  You don't like the train that goes around the village.  You say it scares you.

 Gracie:  I'll tear that train to pieces...  that's what I'll do with that noisy smoke stack choo-choo piece of junk.

Me:  Gracie, now you know you wouldn't do such a thing.  You're a good girl.  Now let's try your Christmas sweater on to see if it still fits.

Gracie:  I got a better idea... let's try yours on and see if it still fits.  Two dollars to a donut says you can't even get it over your head.  

Me:  Gracie don't be that way.  How about if we take you to the tennis courts to lift your spirits?

Gracie:  Okay.  But when I come back...

I'm going to remember that you moved my chair...


I'll be unhappy once again...


  1. Ohhhhhh Gracie, that is one pitiful, sad, face. Poor Baby! It's not so bad. I hear that you've been a very good girl and that Santa has some great treats for you in his pocket. Poor Gracie "done got de blues"!

  2. If you think THIS is bad, Gracie, wait til AFTER Christmas!!

  3. Gracie, where is your hap-pee face? Dat feels da same way......and me is totally surprised you kept da hat on dat long. I luv your sweater though!

  4. Ah, Gracie girl. Would it help to know that Woody's got the blues, too, because the Christmas tree is partly in the area we call his nest? He's not very happy with his mommy, either. We still love you, though!

  5. Gracie, I tried and tried and tried to view your video but for some reason I keep getting an error that says try again later. In the meantime I wanted to let you know how cute you are in your Christmas outfit.

  6. LOL Gracie, Koda so understands. Two years ago when we moved his crate to put up the tree, he developed stress colitis. that wasn't fun! It is supposed to be a joyous holiday, but I'm thinking you aren't too joyous these days!


  7. GRACIE, I FEEL YOUR PAIN. A dog needs a window to look out at all times. It's your entertainment, I know. All those chippies, squirrels, cats, cars, lights and people hurring past. Not to mention the falling snow and pouring rain. Things will be back to normal before you know it, GRACIE. It's just a little sacrifice on your part. Consider this an early Christmas gift to your momma. Tis the season to celebrate. Don't hang your head. Your ears might droop. You gotta rock that hat. It looks GREAT on you.

  8. Oh Gracie, you are just too cute for words!... you will love the little train and village... I remember it from last year... and you look adorable in your Santa outfit! must be a good doggie if you want Santa Dog to come!... xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy

  9. That whole tennis court to yourself Gracie! Lucky you! Now be a good girl and go along with your humans. It's only for a couple of weeks!

  10. MOL Gracie...good job at pouting and sulking and yawning!! I'm impressed your eyes gave you away though I think maybe you are just a good actress!!
    Hugs from your displaced BFFF,

  11. Will there be pictures of the Christmas Village? My Dad loves trains so I'm sure he'd like to see it.
    Hugs Madi

  12. Awwww... Gracie, you put up with a lot, don't you??? and you look adorable in your Santa hat and in your sweater, too....

    Be good, 'cuz Santa Paws is watching....


  13. Oh Gracie
    I feel for you ! Pawrent don't undestand!

  14. Oh is dee cutest petunia in the'll takes all the attention no matters where you gets come Santy!

  15. Awww Gracie! Sorry your window is being occupied for now! You look cute in your Christmas sweater!


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