Friday, November 18, 2011

Peep Psychology

Last year, we celebrated Thanksgiving with the Ponderosa (Steak House) cooking for us.  It was very good!

This year...

Guess who's cooking?

Note to self:  Be sure and take Turkey 
out of freezer to thaw.  Today!!

And What are you're plans for the coming week?  

Dear Diary,

When you've been around as long as I have...  you learn peep psychology.  This is when you can decipher what your peeps aka mom and dad are really thinking.  Gracie, you're a pig means: Oh, look at how sweetly she drags her food into the living room to eat.  She is too smart to be a dog!  Gracie, why must you always be Velcro-ed to my side? means:  Is there any way you can get closer?  I love you so, my pet!  Gracie, you belong at the foot of the bed means: Do you have to sleep at the foot of the bed?  I'd sleep much better if you were here...  close to me.  
Yep.  Got 'em figured out. Gracie.


  1. BOL, You are so smart Gracie! Thanks for teaching me thes things!
    Lovies, Miss Mindy

  2. Yep Gracie, you have them all figured out!

    Cooking the dinner, oh, no! That is so much work, and then you have all those nasty leftovers... ;-)

  3. You keep talking Gracie and soon mom and dad will do exactly as you say. : ) Such a cutie.

    Oh my, I love your Ponderosa idea. There have been years we have had no one to share Thanksgiving with and Ponderosa would have been a good idea. This year we have been invited out and I'm making my list for a couple of dishes I'll make. Eating with friends and family will be fun too. Happy Thanksgiving! Give Gracie extra turkey I'm sure Asher (our pup) will get some too.

  4. You give me idea, Gracie. Me tinks me will send da peeps to Ponderosa dis year. Mee just hates dat loud noise da smokey detector makes whenever da Momma cooks!


  5. Good thinking, Gracie; you've figured them out well! And, Bobbi, is this a good time to remind you to take the turkey out of the freezer?

  6. Gracie always cracks me up...oh, and so do you! ;-)

    I'm cooking for my mom & stepdad, hubby, my son, and myself. Oh, and I imagine Leyna (Min Pin) will likely get a few bites of forbidden turkey, as she's learned to hang out close to my stepdad's chair during dinner. Though we've pleaded w/him, "don't give Leyna table scraps", he's like a naughty child who refuses to obey. Leyna's got no problem with that. ;-)

  7. Alice and I are cooking this year and having a couple of friends over. Should be busy.

  8. We are going to our daughter's house for the day. Her in-laws are cooking. I am taking deviled eggs and fruit salad. We buy Eggslands Best Eggs, too - - same as you.

  9. Took awhile but now you know! I can smell Thanksgiving Din Din already!

  10. Awww! What a sweet picture!!! You have to cook? For how many? Bummer! But you are thawing the turkey a week ahead of time? Are you celebrating early? Isn't it just annoying to get so many questions?? That's just ME, I'm a curious person!

  11. Woof! Woof! It takes a long time to cook a Thanksgiving dinner. We always go to a friends house ... we are bringing some yummy appetizers that I am not allowed to taste (its for human only). I heard that they will provide a special treat for all the doggie n cats. It will be FUN.
    YAH! Don't forget to take the Turkey out ... Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  12. GRACIE you have indeed figured out your peeps. They LOVE you. Bobbi we were planning a trip to Maryland to visit my aging folks, but my hubby has been very sick and that got canceled. So I'm taking it a day at a time. Thanksgiving is up in air. Take care.

  13. I think all will be well fed at your house, Bobbi! How fun!

    Gracie's thoughts were so cute; she really does know her peeps!


  14. Dear Gracie
    Training your pawrents is a never ending job!
    I hope I get a bite of turkey (at least)after everyone stuffs themselves

  15. Now Gracie, you and Sophie have been talkin'!

  16. Oh Gracie, you are mighty spoiled:) Love the picture of you and Dad snoozing!

    Happy Thanksgiving dear Bobbi, I know everyone will enjoy your wonderful meal! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  17. I am sure your Thanksgiving feast will be wonderful. Ours will be spent with our son and his family. Wonderful to be sure. Cant post til I get my puter back so wishing all the blogger friends a Happy Turkey Day. Hugs, LJ


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