Saturday, October 15, 2011

Windy Saturday

Lindsey didn't want me to bother with a baby shower this time.  So last night I took her and Rissi to the mall to shop for the new baby instead.

Soft comfy blankies, diapers, plush newborn sleepers... all that neat baby stuff that's so much fun to buy.  
Then Rissi stayed the night.  It was supposed to be windy today, so we thought... Kite.

First a trip down town to get a new kite and some string.

Whoosh!  The wind was tossing leaves...  hats... papers 

 and even heavy garbage cans...

Below, the wind gust going in the door blew 
merchandise off of a shelf.

 We finally made our way back to the car and down to the park.  Gary suggested we play for a while on the playground while he got the kite ready.  

 So Rissi and I traipsed through swampy grass and fallen leaves to get to the  playground... then we went down 2 slides before running for cover.   

No kite flying.  Too windy.

Upon returning home, we found our phone line draped over my car that was parked in the driveway.  Yikes!

I'd cooked a big pot of vegetable soup before we left, so Rissi had some during a break from painting.  

And that was our day.

Dear Diary,
Hey.  I need a lap here.  You'd think with all these peeps around a dog could find a decent place to lay.  Geesh.  Gracie.


  1. It sounds like a great day, but somebody get Gracie a lap already! All this fun and no lap to lay on-it's not right!
    Maddy and Owen

  2. It's been just that windy here, too! I always love seeing Rissi in action and hearing her sweet little voice!!

  3. What....NO LAP.....what goin' on here?

    Rissi is such a cutie. Gracie, hang onto her so her don't blow away in all dat wind!

  4. Cute entry! Only breezy here and a lovely weather day. We are still battling the flea problem. Finally got Tugie trimmed. And bought some "natural" flea spray which smells like cinammon and then we have bought another type of flea medicine. Our first freeze is getting near too. We have been doing baths and that helps but we go outside and there we are again. Hopefully all this will be over again. If not a trip to the vet. Have a great Sunday. I sent you a FB request!

  5. Everybody has this wind - but not me - yet. Beautiful day here. Cold weather on it's way in though. Too bad Marissa didn't get to fly the kite, well, another day!

    So much fun 'baby' shopping! I just love looking through all those cute baby things, everything is so soft!

    I must say that Lindsey looks really cute with that little 'baby bump'!

    Give Gracie a lap, poor thing, she has got to feel so left out!

  6. Poor Gracie! Keep trying I am sure you will find the perfect lap soon!

    Your pal, Pip

  7. What a fun day (well, except for poor Gracie). The first photo shows how very much Rissi looks like her mother - two lovely young ladies!

  8. Y'all have such pretty girls, Bobbi! And goodness, that wind wasn't playing around, was it?? Maybe Rissi will get to fly her kite with y'all another day.... The soup must have been scrumptious and smelled wonderful, because Gracie sure did have her cute nose in the air, sniffing near Rissi's Bowl!

    Have a wonderful weekend, precious friend!

  9. Loved the picture of your little granddaughter eating and Gracie waiting for just a morsel :)

    sounds like a nice day except for the abundance of wind!


  10. Shopping for the new little one would be fun! Rissi looks like she had a wonderful time despite the wind! Gracie, I hope you get some attention today!!!

  11. You have a beautiful family. I'm glad you had a wonderful day, wind and all.

  12. Sweet new baby on the way and a big sister so precious! I can't wait to see the two of them together:) Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  13. I am sure that Gracie got her lap by now... did she??? You better!

    That wind was something else indeed. And I think that the Mr. was the one that had the idea of flying a kite, isn't it true?

    Have a great Sunday!

  14. Poor Gracie - - you ARE the favorite as long as no grandchild is around. Funny how they move to the top of the pyramid!

  15. Too bad about the kite day! Maybe before the snow flies......

  16. Sounds like y'all had a fun day despite all the wind!


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