Saturday, October 22, 2011


Is it true what they say?  
That little girls are sugar and spice and everything nice?

And little boys are frogs and snails and puppy dogs tails?

...Could be.

When I look at our granddaughter and our grandson, 
I certainly see a difference.

When Jake, our 3 year old grandson, arrived last night for a sleepover... I couldn't help it.  My first thoughts:
Jake's stuffed puppy is rough and rugged and his blankie the same.  Just like him.

 and just the opposite of Rissi's soft and 
sweet pink blankie and bear.

Jake doesn't stay with us that often.  
And when he does, I'm reminded of why...

He's quick and busy and unpredictable.

Once in my office when he was visiting at Miracle Ear, he quickly grabbed a large piece of hard candy and when his mommy tried to retrieve it, he swallowed...  and the candy became lodged in his throat.  After paging every Sears employee who knew CPR and then calling 911, we pleaded with a then bluish Jake...  "Please, Jake...  breath!"  The rescue squad soon arrived and took him to the hospital to check him out.  My hands shook as I cleaned the puke from the  office floor, thankful that our boy was going to be okay.  

Another time when we were at the fair, his mommy and daddy went to get something to eat and put me in charge of the Jake-ster who was sitting in his stroller.  Suddenly he pulled himself out and started running into the thick crowd and I ran after him...  and yes, when this terror-filled old Grammy finally scooped him up she paddled his butt and put him back in his stroller.  "Now you stay there!" I screamed at him.  He'd never seen Grammy that angry with him before.  He folded his arms, and wouldn't speak... but he was safe, and I didn't care that he was angry with me.     

  It seems he always acts before he thinks. 

And while I'm drawing pictures of flowers  
and beautiful sunshiny days...  trying to convince him he should join me...  

He's trying to turn cars upside down...

But Jake has a soft side. 

 He has the sweetest personality
 and this morning when he woke up 
(at 6:30 am...  eeek!) 
 He climbed up into my chair with me and said, 
"I like to snuggle with you Grammy..."  
How can you not melt? 
 Even though the coffee's not kicked in yet... 
 and you're still half asleep?

And he sure was happy to bring me 
this flower he picked from outside. (below)

I love him with all my heart. 

 And he's ALL BOY!

Dear Diary,
The boy chases me, throws all of my toys on the floor, and won't share his pancakes.  He also calls me Teddy.  That's not my name. Gracie. 


  1. Gosh, you had your work cut out for you!!! I would be absolutely exhausted!! He is so full of energy is all, but he looks SO sweet!! I LOVED your scary Halloween grandson stories!!!! These are horror stories for grandparents even scarier than Stephen king!! My favorite part of the video, when he smiles at you, waves, and honks the horn!!!!

  2. Yuppy....biggg difference tween da boys and da girls butt........dey both drop food on da floor and dat's all dat really counts.....right???

  3. He is adorable - - - but definitely all boy for sure! You need to read "Wild at Heart" by Eldredge. It helps celebrate the way God made those men - - no matter their age.

  4. You've certainly had your hands full, but what a blessing that they're near enough to spend the night at Grammy's (and send them home in the morning, lol!)

  5. Your granddaughter looks like a rock star with that purple guitar. Sounds like the grandson is a bundle of unspent energy, living in the moment, never seeing the consequences of his actions. But is he cute or what? Got to forgive him, no matter how impulsive he is and pray for the best. GRACIE, my dear... looks like you have a friend in that little boy!

  6. Oh each little flower is created differently aren't they?
    The only difference is ,, flowers are not mischevious.,, but beautiful, just like your grandkids

    nitey nite

  7. Sweet visit from two cutiepies:) I can certainly see a difference in the Grandson vs the Granddaughters too! We love them all BUT you sure have to keep your eye on them! They are all precious!

    Have a blessed Sunday dear Bobbi, HUGS!

  8. Oh yes, boys are full of it! Funny how the difference is so obvious.....we can only hope 'nature' knows what it is doing!

  9. What a love story! Even Gracie, yes, I can tell she loves him too. He may bug her, but she knows he's just a boy doing boy things.

  10. Jake sounds like my son at that age....into EVERYTHING!

  11. Too cute that your grandson calls Gracie Teddy; wonder where that came from!! He is such an adorable looking boy, but he is definitely all boy with his energy and exuberance with life and how he "tackles" it. I'm sure you sleep great the night after you have spent time with him!


  12. Girl, y'all are blessed with the cutest grandkids... but sounds like the "Jakester" keeps Grammie on her toes for sure! I was scared right along with you as you shared those memories!



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