Sunday, October 9, 2011


Before leaving for the Springs Festival yesterday, we went outside to 'decorate' our ear for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

What I am about to tell you is going to sound really strange and you may even change your opinion of me from 
nice girl with nice blog 
wacky woman with strange ways.

Okay.  Here goes. 

 A while back, I read a book called Running With Scissors and I thought it was funny. 
 (Strange, already.. huh?)

The weird Psychologist who was one of the books main characters had this 'thing' where he thought...

If he did a bowel movement and it stood straight up, it meant the family was going to come into a lot of money. 

Hey!  I didn't write the book, I just read it.


After reading this book and yes, I even watched the movie... 

 Just for fun - I started to predict our wealth by examining Gracie's poop after she was done doing her business.  

If it was standing straight up - Monetary gain 
was just around the corner.  

You're doubting my mental state of mind about now... aren't you?  Well, let me just say that for every straight up poop I discovered (thank you, Gracie)...  we would somehow come into some money soon after.  

Hey...  don't judge me.  

So...  moving right along with my story....  as Gary was tying the pink ribbon around the ear, I saw a strange sight about a foot away from the ear.  

At first...  I thought...  Gracie-girl!  Way to go!

We are going to be rich!

Below, you will see Ricky Raccoon watching for the Wagon.  You know... 
 "They're coming to take me away...  
ho ho... hee hee.. haha... to the funny farm.."
Do you remember that song?

I did a quick pose for our decorated ear...

 Then I showed Gary Gracie's poop.  

He knew right away that it was some kind of mushroom.

And so I googled it, and sure enough...  I found something similar under Fungi photos.

There were other little ones growing around it.  

Looking very strange..

 Mushrooms, eh?  

So now its back to the drawing board.

Dear Diary,

Just when I think my mom can't get any more stranger... she does.  She's out back with a flashlight..  'poop, gracie' she says.  'and do it very slowly..  and don't move away too quickly'.  


  1. You and I are more alike than I really care to publicly admit...and yet I just did, lol! ;-)

  2. Gracie, you maybe better watch that wine, so your Mom doesn't get in it again!

  3. I have never seen mushrooms like this, it has no cap! We have all kinds of mushrooms around here like never before! Really pretty ones, too. As a matter of fact, some people who happen to be crazier than YOU, have been eating them and getting poisoned! It has been in the paper for people to stop eating these things!

  4. I do remember that song, but don't remember where I put my keys...I've never seen anything like 'it.' I would have been searching the science fiction sites for it instead of google! :-)

  5. Oh, Gracie....mee is so sorry bout your Mom. Only her could look at dat and see a straight upward poop. Anyone can see dat it's a wittle carrot wearing a black ski cap. By da way.....what does her feed you anyway to tink dat's what a poop should looks like???

  6. Ya know - - the more we read and learn in life, the more ammunition our imagination possesses. And we see what we are looking for . . . . . . .

  7. Oh, my goodness, what a funny story. Thanks for being able to share yourself so willingly!

  8. I'd keep these thoughts "on the low down" - wouldn't want "Doggie Services" checking on your ability to provide Gracie with a good home.

    Too funny!!LOL

  9. oh Gracie, the indignity of it all; the stories she tells about you and your business!

    too cute about the mushroom; just such a cute entry Bobbi! The ear looks great in awareness of breast cancer.

    sometimes I think if people heard hubby's and my conversations, they would say we need a life or to be taken to the "looney bin" ourselves. We tend to fixate on what kind of business Koda leaves(only because he has had issues in the past, but now I'm going to wondering about money.......)

    enjoy the week ahead!


  10. We have some similiar mushrooms here but are all white and look like a mans body part. LOL

  11. LOL!! Priceless funny post!

    If I thought that thing was the poop from one of my dogs, I'd be very concerned about their health.

    But from now on, I will start checking on the family's poops... and they better stick up!
    Love ya.

  12. What a funny way to predict a windfall. But whatever works, works. POOP happens. Might as well make something of it. I have to admit though, that is the ugliest mushroom I ever saw. SERIOUSLY. By the way, the ribbon on your ear is very pretty. Take care.

  13. What can I say Bobbi??? Ha ha ha ha!

    Girl, well I know one way to count on having a smile or a chuckle, and that's to visit with you and Gracie......

    And I have never see a mushroom that bizaar!!! really wierd looking.....


  14. Too funny! I have never seen a mushroom like that.


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