Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Business

I've had a lot of people ask me how business is going since we went out on our own.  It's been great.   

So great as a matter of fact, that our X boss has turned on us and actually threatened to sue me for opening a hearing aid office just five minutes from Miracle Ear.  

Where did that come from?  

He says I signed a contract with him that prohibits me from opening a hearing aid business for one year>  

No ~ I didn't.  

He tried to get me to sign one (just last year), but I refused.  

There was a time when he intimidated me... but not no more.  

I guess he's upset because things aren't going well for him?  Many of the Miracle Ear customers are coming to us...  

But we cannot program the Miracle Ear hearing aids 
because the software is exclusively theirs.  

Miracle Ear has gone through 2 employees so far, a consultant and a receptionist - both of whom would tell customers...  'Gary and Bobbi?  I don't know what happened to them 


I don't where they are' 
(after I'd been there for over 10 years.  Really!!)

 Miracle Ear is now without anyone again, and word has it customers are furious.  Many of them find us,   but there is only so much we can do for them.  I feel badly.  I really do care about what happens to them.

My X boss says that Miracle Ear customers were his because he paid to get them in the office.   We can't contact them.

I believe that my X boss thought I would fail, and that's why he was being so nice to me about opening my own business.  

Maybe if he would focus on helping the customers and being honest and upfront with them and his employees instead of manipulating and bullying...  maybe he would be more successful and he could leave me alone to run my business.  

Basically, I told him - I know what I know.   I am honest about what I do, and if you feel the need to sue me then go for it!  
I'm 100% sure he won't though.  

I know too much.  LOL.


  1. Glad that your business is going so well! I imagine your x-boss is mad, but it really isn't any of his business, I don't see why he even thinks he can sue. I like your neat space and I imagine everyone that walks through the door is impressed!

  2. You know what you know, and you know Who you know. If he does continue to get nasty, remember Isaiah 54:17!

  3. Oh man,, he has a bully attitude,, eventually he will run everyone off

  4. Glad to hear your business is going well, Bobbi! That's good to hear in this day and age! Your former boss is definitely indeed a bully. Funny thing is you can't do anything to help with Miracle Ear's products so customers would have to start all over again if they came to you with new hearing aids, etc. So I would imagine there will be those customers willing to do so to get excellent customer service in a timely professional manner. Until your boss gets that, he is going to continue to go through employees and run the business down to the ground.

    Keep up the good work!


  5. I'm so glad you are doing well! So if you can't program the Miracle Ears, what brand do you sell? Are there other ones just as good and well known? There must be, we get letters all the time wanting to sell us hearing aids! There must be a squad around here that uses heat seeking missiles to find geezers!

  6. What a bully your ex boss is. You can't let him get to you, then he has control. And the truth is now that you're on your own and doing so well, he's jealous and just trying to steal your thunder. If his clients get dissatisfied and find you, too darn bad. A little competition never hurt anybody.

  7. Glad to hear you are doing wel with your business! Tell your x box to go jump in the lake!!!

  8. Thanks everyone. @ Ginny - we sell mostly Siemens hearing aids which are basically a Miracle Ear hearing aid without the Miracle Ear engraved on it. Miracle Ear has their own software though... I guess so they will not lose their customers to someone else who could program their hearing aids. To me, that's not thinking much of the customer.

  9. Hi Bobbi, I am so happy your business is going well, and I AM positive it was you and your sunny disposition that made Miracle Ear a success when you were there... now that you have your own business, of course people want to follow and be with you... your ex~boss sounds like a petty and bitter man, jealousy is an ugly thing... don't worry about him, be happy in your new business!... xoxo Julie Marie

  10. Glad things are going well, but sorry for the trouble with your old boss.

    Your pal, Pip

  11. I just want to congratulate you and Gary on your business success and the standards that you treat your customers by. I know you have posted before about patients who have become very special to you and that is what makes the difference between you and your ex boss. I pray that your ex boss develops a new attitude of compassion for those that are "required" to continue using his services. You have worked long and hard for this business; don't waste one minute thinking about or talking to this greedy man.

  12. You Go Girl! I am thrilled y'all are having such success! Oh my, the green - eyed monster named jealousy!!!! So sad that instead of trying to make a change for the better in his own business, your boss is alowing the green eyed monster to make him resentful and jealous of you and Gary!!!!

    Wishing y'all much more continued success!!

  13. I am very happy for you guys! Brush that X boss under the rug and keep on with your great job!

  14. I am glad that your business is going well. Sorry about your ex-boss! Sounds like he's just a little jealous!


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