Friday, September 23, 2011


 If you get bored easily, or you don't feel like looking at a lot of random/ in no particular order/ misc. vacation pictures...  

Leave now.  

Our Cabin in the woods of Amish Country.
We saw a lot of these.
It rained for 2 days...  heavily.
And all kinds of unusual things were found growing in the woods. 
On our way home, we stopped at Coopers Rock.  

This is the view outside of our bedroom window.

We saw a lot of these little critters.
So pretty.  Do they sting?  I wasn't about to find out.

I had no idea that this was a snack of choice.  Ewwww.
I love chocolate just as much as the next guy...  but hold the bugs please.

What?!  Who would pay over 2 bucks for bbq larvets?  

"Are you looking at me?"
Coopers Rock - Breathtaking!

"You were gone for 3 days and all I got was a food and water holder?"
Good to get away.
Gary, relaxing on the deck.

My favorite scenery.
Outside of our bedroom window we were able to capture a few birds feeding in the bird feeder.
"Are you looking at me?"
Continental breakfast was served free, every morning at the lodge.  We were served fruit, then hot oatmeal, coffee, orange juice, and (the best chocolate chip cupcake I'd ever eaten!) 

It rained for 2 of the days and nights...  a lot.  The wood burning fireplace helped somewhat with the dampness... But I ended up purchasing a heating pad and finally got a good nights sleep.  (Oh my aching bones!)  haha!!

Shopping in town was wonderful.  I love the craft and antique shops and they are plentiful in Berlin, Ohio.  We had a blast!!

I ate way too much good food.   I went off of my WW plan, and am feeling guilty now.  Bad Bobbi!

On the way back home we turned off at Coopers Rock, which is close to Morgantown, WV.  We'd always wondered what is Coopers Rock?  There is a beautiful overlook, plenty of woods and picturesque settings, picnic tables, a Concession store, and much more.  So glad we stopped.

Gracie was taken care of by Lindsey, Rissi, and Robby...  though she spent nights alone after  they would go home in the evening.  Upon returning home, we found that she had drug one of each of our bedroom slippers into the middle of the living room floor.   She was happy to see us return!  

I was unloading the car when I noticed hundreds of dragon flies swooping down into our yard at me, around me, and toward me.  I ran for cover and watched them from inside.  I thought the world was ending! LOL.  I found out later on facebook that I wasn't the only one who was terrorized by these dragonflies.  Eeek.  Same time and everything...   

Gary said they were probably migrating.

Ok.  I've bored you enough with my nothingness.  



  1. You didn't bore me; I liked all your vacation pictures and reading about your adventures. I have to say, the same picture you liked, I liked. There is something comforting about seeing clothes drying outside! I'm sure Gracie was so glad to see you guys when you got home! Don't worry about going off your diet plan; just get right back on it and I'm sure it will all even itself out so very soon!!

    Glad you guys took the time to get away for a few days!


  2. I think your trip was awsome. It was so relaxing looking at all the photos. There was something very calming and peaceful about your post. The red bird was gorgeous.
    And the clothes outside -what a neat photo. The scenery- the mountains,,,
    but those eatible bugs,,, YUCK

  3. Welcome back, I missed you! It seems like you've been gone forever!! I bet Gracie felt that way too. I love your pictures! The cabin looks just lovely! But what kind of store did you find those bug treats?? I don't think dragonflies will hurt you, but they might have gotten in your hair and clothes, wonder why they swarmed on you? Maybe they smelled those bug treats!!

  4. Your trip looks great but I have to say those bugs do not!

  5. I loved seeing your vacation pics! Not bored a bit:) EWWWWWW, those snacks don't look tasty at all! Coopers Rock looks like a beautiful place to visit! Certainly looks like you and the Hubby are having a great time, loved the picture of you TWO!

    Enjoy your day dear Bobbi, HUGS!

  6. No bordom in this post. Just a super time!!

  7. Someday I'd like to travel into that area of the country. I wonder what those little critters have to say about the upcoming winter. Sounds like Gracie missed you guys a bunch.

    About the comment your left on my blog. We've been to the Richmond track once just about this time of year, 19 years ago. The race was great but what I remember most was wanting one of the hot dogs with the grilled onions. They smelled heavenly.

  8. As a transplanted Buckeye living in Illinois the last 38 years, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your photo. Please know, though, that the "delicacies" you showed aren't normal snacks! I think you just found a store looking for unusual things to sell, haha.

  9. Sorry about the rain, but you were supposed to be in bed *re-acquainting* yourselves anyway. ;-)

    Lovely and fun pictures! Sounds like your time away was a success!

  10. Even with the rainy weather, it looked like a gorgeous weekend! Mini getaways are great.
    Gracie probably coped with being alone at night better than being in a kennel - - - given a choice - - - right? But I bet she's really happy you are back.

  11. Whew.....dat Coopers Rock is one BIG rock! Dey should re-names it Cooper's Astroid.

    Uh...dos chocolate bugs and odder tings to dey for hooman consumptions? Mom was gettin' a wittle bit green over heres and den she locked herselfs in da potty room.

  12. I Loved the pictures! And the Amish buggy is so cool.... and the view from Cooper's Rock is just gorgeous....

    Girlfriend... all those bugs... GROSS! I cannot imagine people eating those!!!!! ICK and double ICK! (Well, maybe if you were starving or something.... but I'd probably just go ahead and starve, hehe)
    Awwwwww.... so Gracie had to have y'all's shoes..... that is soooo sweet, she is such a precious girl.......

    And those fuzzy worm things DO sting... we have them in Texas, and my Mom got one on her collarbone... and she said it felt like hot burning fire! I'm glad you didn't accidently touch one!

    Glad y'all had fun!

  13. I once ate fried grasshoppers. I kid you not. But chocolate bugs, no thanks. Your cabin looked lovely. Sounds like a wonderful time. Bet you missed Gracie as much as she missed you. It's always nice to come home.

  14. All the photos were beautiful and what a scenic place for a cabin!! I don't remember seeing a photo of Gary and the photo of the two of you is a "keeper" that you must frame, doncha think? Even with the rain it sounds like you had a wonderful time. I am fascinated by the Amish. What a great place for getting away. . .Poor Gracie must have missed you both something terrible, but at least you didn't have to board her which is what we have to do when we are away. :-(

  15. Now if this is nothingness, I don't know anything!
    Looks like a great get away Bobbi! Amazing how a few days rejuvenates. Good thing you didn't pick up that white and black caterpillar....I believe it would have stung!
    Must have been strange seeing all those horse and wagons......a step back in time for sure. Loved the clothesline full....a workout in itself....hanging all those!

  16. As I lay on the sofa with a heating pad soaking away my aching bones...coincidenkickle or what...I feel so much more relaxed after reading of your sojourn to Amish Country. Maybe someday we can experience this peaceful countryside. Gracie, next time insist that you are hidden away in a suitcase or something...I just got back from my trip to P.E.I. and I met my cousin from Alberta a speed demon Border Collie named Shelby. Cheers! and welcome home you 2 love birds!

  17. I am a picture lover. The cabin looks so peaceful. The perfect porch to relax on. Don't much like to bugs though. I wonder if they sell many of those?

    Even in the rain, the scenery is gorgeous.

  18. That was not boring at all!! I love that little food and water dish set up. It's supposed to be good for dogs-- especially tall ones so they don't have to crank their necks all the time.

    I've been to Amish country once. I loved it. This brought back memories :)

    Hold the bugs for me too, please!

  19. Oh we enjoyed this post!! Well done. I'm infatuated with the Amish too. We've been to Lancaster, PA two times. Your cabin was very pretty glad you were able to warm up. Dampness can chill to the bone.
    Why would anyone ruin perfectly good chocolate by putting insects in it?
    Hugs to Gracie from her BFFF,

  20. It looks like y'all had a great, relaxing time! Ewww....I can't imagine that anyone actually eats those bugs. I am sure Gracie missed you terribly!


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