Thursday, September 8, 2011

Koly and Kelly's K-9 Kamp & INTRUDER!

It's week one of:


Gracie and I have been asked by Peggy at

So.  The first Challenge was 60 minutes of walking together at a fast past.  Gracie said she was in.  

Me:  "Ok, Gracie...  now we can't be stopping and piddling around...  this is serious!"

Gracie:  "Yea, yea... okay okay... let's get going.  Put my harness on me already!"  *pacing back and forth*

Me:  "Good girl Gracie, you got your poop out of the way early.. now we can focus on a fast pace.  Let's go!"

Heads held high...  we walked..  and walked..  and walked..  

Gracie:  "Okay..  okay..  let's stop.  I have to catch my breath.  I think I'm going...  to pass...  out...  please let's rest..."

Me:  "Gracie!  You're not out of breath!!  You wanted to stop so you could cop a smell or two..  and left your leg and pee like a boy.  You're using this serious, exercise time for recreation.  Now let's go!"  

Gracie:  "I'm coming...  Geesh.  What an awesome trainer irritation you are!"  

Me:  "Twenty minutes, Gracie.  Give me a high five on that one.  Just two more twenty minute fast paced walks this week."

Gracie:  "Yea, there's your five.  Now can you do something about this intruder that's looking in our window?"


  1. KUDOS to you for doing the walk!!!

    I also have to tell you that we loved the Gracie and the visitor!! But it started Todd barking, which made the others bark too--I think it was their way of agreeing with her!!!

  2. Methinks Gracie isn't fooled, haha! Cute video! Have you ever played the Monster in a blanket with her?

    It's good for you to take those walks, trims you both and helps her digestion (or whatever).

  3. Loved the video, how funny!!!!!

  4. Gracie - you're a movie star!!
    You're just too darn cute for your own good!!

  5. You just get that doggie wanniebee Gracie, the nerve of "it"! Lovies, Miss Mindy

  6. Hehehe. Oh MY! A visit with Gracie is just what the doctor ordered to make me feel better....

    I am having a relapse of this dreaded pneumonia.....YUCK! Wasn't able to sleep for feeling bad, but a visit with Gracie has made me smile and chuckle....

    Thanks, Bobbi, dear!

  7. Oh, and be sure and tell Miss Gracie - poo that she is good medicine!

  8. PRECIOUS! I smiled thru that entire video:) Have a blessed day dear Bobbi, HUGS!

  9. Gracie is so cute. It looks like she is the winner of the battle.

  10. Dat was so nice of you, Gracie, to keep your Momma amused wit your house guest. You gets a big paws up for dat one.

    Now...bout walkin' for 20 minutes. Me been tinkin' bout dat one. Do you nose how many steps me teenie weenie legs would have to make in 20 minutes.....probably bout 87 billion!!!!! Forgets it!

  11. Hi Bobbi and Gracie,
    I have been missing you all too!!
    How is business??
    Cute video!!!
    Tinker came through her surgery just fine!! Now to try to keep her inner tiger still !!!!!!!!!
    Xx, Tinker & Fern

  12. Great job getting out on your walk! Everyone always says "Don't you feel better now?" but I always thing No! Now I'm tired out!

  13. BOL! We love Gracie's commentary on your walk! You're a spitfire Gracie!!


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