Saturday, August 13, 2011

~What Life Is All About~

Today we were off to see the wizard.  

In Lancaster, Pa.

8 AM ~  Ready to go!

Rissie was excited.  
But I don't think she knew quite what to expect.

Early risers often need naps.. especially when they're on the road for over 3 hours..

Our table was front row center.  The dinner was delicious.  The show was out of this world! 

After Dorothy, The Scarecrow, The Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion woke up from the 'poppy poison' and were on their way to Oz, the curtain closed and the first act was over.
 Rissie looked as though she'd cry. 
 "What's wrong?" I asked.  
"Grammy...  they didn't show them going to see the wizard.."
(She knows this show inside out) 
I had to explain to her that the second part was yet to come.  Then she smiled.

Making memories is what life is all about.

Rissie won't easily forget about her day 
at the Dutch Apple Dinner Theater 
and seeing one of her favorite shows... 
 The Wizard of Oz.

The drive back home started out with an epic downpour...  but after a few prayers and a little time...  we saw the sun.

It was a great day.  

It was a fun day. 

 It was a magical day!


  1. I hope Marissa remembers it and not just from what you tell her. She is still pretty young. So glad she enjoyed it, but wow, a 3 hr drive! That may be the part she remembers. A fun thing to do with her!

  2. I love to hear about making memories! I love magic too!
    Little Rissi is adorable and looks alot like you!
    I would like to go see the wizzard.
    Will you take me sometime?

  3. Me took a walk down da yellow brick road once but me fell in a hole and da wizard didn't wescue me. :o(

    Rissie will have a wonderful day to remember forever!

  4. Great pictures!!! Three hours away, where is this place? You're right, I bet she will never forget this!

  5. Y'all have such a lovely family, Bobbi! One can sense the love that is showered on Miss Rissi. A whole group of ladies from my church went to see the "Wizard of Oz" last July at a local theater, and had lots of fun..... in that particular show, the munchkins, lullaby league, and some of the flying monkeys were all children. It was too Cute!
    Glad y'all had fun and made memories. We also saw "Beauty and the Beast" last summer. Oh, I hope Rissi gets to see that live one day too! I bet she'd love it!

  6. That show sounds really wonderful, just like the day was! PS, love your new header! G

  7. Oh what a fun day! Memories made and pictures to show the smiles! Have a blessed day dear Bobbi, HUGS!

  8. I am so glad you took plenty of pictures. She will remember parts of it, I am sure. We took our daughters to different things like that when they were younger and now at their old ages of 32 and 27 - - - they sort of remember - - - but these things help shape and educate them so it's worth it all.

  9. I'm so glad you had an enjoyable day making those memories and having fun!!

    PS: THANK YOU for your kind comments and for thinking of us--Losing Rudi has been difficult, but made easier by friends like you who know what we're going through!

  10. Live theater is a great treat many kids aren't exposed to, and she sure is lucky to have a wonderful gramma to take her to the show! The Wizard of Oz is full of great songs and images. Of course, Toto is my favorite!

  11. Rissi will remember. I did lots of things with my grandchildren when they were little. She will have fun memories of times spent with Grammy and Grampy.

  12. Dinner shows are so much fun! I am y'all had a great time!


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