Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some Bloggers Just Vanish

Have you ever had a blogger that you follow and have become friends with to just...


What happens?  Do they get lost in cyber space?  It makes me sad and it makes me wonder if everything is Ok.  

Business Update ~ I love working from home.  Business is great and every day is a new adventure.  Stay tuned...  because our 'ear' is going to have a makeover that I think you're going to like!!

We do need a vacation though.  Maybe soon.

I hope everyone is having a beautiful week and 



  1. Sorry you are missing some friends. I know that some of mine have taken the summer off, but they did post that.

    Man, that long walk to work, has just GOT to be tough! LOL! I hope business is going well!

  2. Sorry you lost someone!! Yes, I have had bloggers just disappear! And I so wish if they are closing the blog or even taking a long break, they would just do a post and tell people what's going on!!! So glad your business is thriving and I can't wait to see the new ear!!

  3. You said something that hit home to me. Yes my very best friend at one time just disappeared. So many of my friends missed her to,, and we could not find her. It was heart breaking. And then one day she wrote to me and said she had been going through hard times... but I just wanted to say,,, pleaseee,, just let your friends know.. yes it is sad,,, and sometimes they just go to that facebook thing,,, its not fair.
    That is what i think

  4. I have had that happen and I always wonder where they've gone. If I'm going to take a break for more than a week I try to post something saying so.

    So glad business is good and I'm curious about the ear. Sometimes you just need to get away so if you do find the time, have a great one.

  5. I once stepped away from blogging for a season - Life just simply got too busy for a while. I have learned it is wise to tell your readers you are taking break. (and I've lerned tht blogging ahead cn be a good thing too.)

  6. I'm kind of new at this blogging stuff.... so I've never lost a bloggy - buddy, yet, and don't you go anywhere, Bobbi and Gracie...'cuz I just adore visiting with y'all. I like reading everyone's comments, too, looks like you have lots of good blogging friends!

    I am anxious to see the new "ear"!


  7. Yes it does happen. Bloggers who you thought you were friends with just left without saying anything, and it makes you wonder.

    Looking forward to that ear! :)

  8. I don't like it when bloggers disappear:( I did have one sweet blogger that returned after a year! She took time off for personal reasons and school! So, sometimes they leave for a while and come back:)

    Have a blessed day dear Bobbi, can't wait to HEAR what change the ear gets! HUGS!

  9. Yep have had a few dissapear. Excited to hear your business is doing so well! And the ear........never saw it to beging with, so excited to see that too! G

  10. I've lost a couple of blogging friends, and wonder what has happened, but I guess, life happens. They are in my reader, so if they do come back, I'll know, unless they use a 'new' blog. Oh well.

    I don't blog like a lot of people, but I put stuff on that is interesting or funny to me. Seldom do I have personal stuff, because my life is so boring!

  11. I hate it when bloggers disappear. It leave a hole in my heart.

  12. I don't have a blog but I do comment on many. Boy, do I miss those that disappear. Can't wait to see the changes in the ear. And Gracie...she is quite a little character! I just love her. Take a vacation soon as you can. It helps to see life as easier when you return. :)

  13. HI there, I haven't had this happen although I have had one close friend move from one area to another and she doesn't email me much now...but that is o.k. Sometimes it gets so overwhelming when you have so many blogs to read and if I go awhile not visiting I tend not to visit as often. I'm sorry you are missing your friend but there are so many others that really cherish you.
    Have a great day.

  14. Me be missin' a few good blogging buddies too. Hopes dey is ok and maybes one day dey'll pop back in again.

    Can't waits to HEAR bout da new EAR!!! BOL

  15. I think more than a few of us have been sucked into that black hole known as facebook. I keep trying to get myself back into a blogging routine, but just...can't...quite...do it. :-(

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  17. I wondered how business was going so thanks for the update. One consolation about needing some rest is the Labor Day Weekend is almost here. Do you have anyone you trust who can work the business if you are gone?

  18. I have had a few bloggers disappear too. I went to one and the blog had been completely removed. It's sad but I just figured they had lost interest in blogging or was too busy to keep it up. Glad to hear business is going good!


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