Thursday, July 14, 2011


The week's winding down, and I still have to pinch myself before I head out the door in the morning to go to work.  I'm heading next door and I'm my own boss.  Someone once said that owning your own business was a lot more work.  No truer words were ever spoken!  I'm exhausted at the end of a day.  But I've never been happier with a job!!  

Do you remember the post I did on my middle son, Justin?  Well, Justin is working in the movie theatre now, selling popcorn and movie tickets.  He's proud to be working... but even more proud that he was able to get his family in to see Cars 2 Free!  He treated Rissa and Jake with free popcorn, huge soda's and candy of their choice.  Little noses were pressed against the candy counter and Justin kept saying, 'pick out whatever you want.. anything at all.  I'm buying'.  There were a few mishaps...  like when Jackie (son #1) handed Lindsey (daughter) the huge coke and the lid wasn't on tight - coke spilled out all over Lindsey and Rissa who was standing right beneath the coke.  Ick.  The kids were a little restless in the movie..  It was hard for them to follow... not as good as the first Cars.  But we didn't tell Justin - I don't think I've seen him that happy in a long time.  Then Rissa and Jake were running and playing after the movie outside of the theatre and Rissa fell and skinned her knee.  She screamed a blood curdling scream and  Justin came running out to make sure she was ok.  She was.  She just needed a band aid.  

Jess (DIL) and Justin (#2 son)

Rissa and Jake
Jake was so worried about her.  He kept asking her if she was ok - she screamed 'no!  get away!!!'  and he said, 'Rissi, let me blow it for you...'  So cute!!

Dear Diary,
I sniffed out Mom's Peanut M&M stash... they were hidden in a basket right by her chair.  I barked.  I nudged.  I barked some more.  Dad said, 'What is she barking at?'  Mom said, 'I don't know.'  (but she did)  Then Mom took me aside, put my face in her hands and got real close.  'Thanks for getting me in trouble,' she said.  (She's supposed to be on a diet)  And so I'M to blame that she is sneaking M&M's???   No surprise there.  Gracie.


  1. I know you are tired but I am so very happy that work is going well! Congrats to Justin! That's wonderful.
    That is too cute about Gracie giving away you stash of M&M's!!!

    Hope you have a nice Friday and a restful weekend Bobbi.

  2. (Still chuckling over your comment!)

    That was great that Justin treated for the movie!!! Good Kid! No the sequel is usually not as good as the first movie. Sorry Marissa skinned herself, but stuff happens.

    Can't hide goodies from the dog. They give you away every time!

    Good Girl, Gracie!!!

  3. Enjoyed the family update. So nice to see our "kids" doing well and being happy and productive.

    Gracie - you better not tell on your Mom again; she knows where your treats are. Just sayin. . .

  4. Y'all must be so proud of Justin! And it wonderful that he gets to feel such a sense of pride and accomplishment in his honest, hard work!

    That's too funny about Gracie "ratting you out" with your peanut M and M's! I read it to my sis and we had a chuckle!


  5. A world without M&M would not be as nice of a place. Your family is a real treasure.

  6. LOL with Gracie sniffing out your secret stash of M&M's! So good Justin is working some place and had that good feeling of treating people he loved to a movie and treats!!

    working for yourself is hard work, but very rewarding! it will pay off!!


  7. Well, Gracie, it looks like mom maybe bribed you with a few of the choice morsels not to rat her out anymore!!! I LOVE the family pictures, what a really special time!!

  8. Cute pictures and I know Justin is happy to be working! I LOVE movie theater buttered popcorn, working there would make me eat too much:) We saw Cars2 while on vacation! It was cute but I liked the first one better too! My husband commented that he didn't think little ones could follow all of it!

    So funny that Gracie found your stash:) We all have to have a little something sweet now and then! HUGS and Congrats on the business!

  9. Oh Bobbi, how funny!... well, I guess if you are going to sneak into something on your diet, M&M's is a good thing to do! Yum!... xoxo Julie Marie

  10. This is a lovely post about happy family times - -- - like it a lot. Tell Gracie the M&Ms are in a place that makes it more difficult for you to get to. That way you have to work to eat them so it is a bit of a deterrent - - - not a secret stash. I have been known to put my 'sugar treats' downstairs in our basement so I have to decide if I really need to eat them.

  11. Oh girl...loved the story about you getting a cupcake instead of a cake! :)

    Thanks for visiting me today! I love reading posts about fun family times. Family is everything to me~

    Love, Rebecca

  12. That's awesome about Justin's job! So nice of him to treat y'all! Too funny about the M&Ms!


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