Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ear today... Gone Tomorrow?

Boy it's been hot.  But Gracie still insists on her nightly walk.  It's like being in an oven.  Whew!   I usually never have my camera with me anymore but I always have my phone so I count on it to give me a so-so picture if I see something I want to capture.

Like this sunset last night.  It was a lot prettier than the picture.  But hey, what do you expect with a camera phone?

 Gracie's still trying to get used to our running in and out of the house all day and disturbing her peace and quiet.  Today I walked in at lunchtime and she didn't even get up and grab a toy to greet me... she just laid there curled up at her window and looked at me like I was being a real pain.

Yesterday my ex boss called.   He was upset with me because I had left my customers know where I'd moved to, and they are coming to me instead of Miracle Ear.  The conversation did not go well, and in the end we parted on a not-so-good note.  Some day I'll do a post on that particular subject, but tonight I'm too tired.     

Rumor has it that our carved ear is getting complaints that it is 'advertising' our business, and may be going to the board -    One of the board members just purchased a set of hearing aids from us and doesn't seem to have a problem with it ... he lives right across the road... but Geesh.  People need to get a grip!  So, if we have to get rid of the ear, Do you have any other ideas of what we can put up to make an impact so people will know where to 'turn here' without actually advertising?  Gary was thinking maybe a big bear that points toward our house.  What do you think?

Business has been good...  and one of my biggest fears was that we would not get noticed where we are.  But we have had a lot of business from walk-ins.  Go figure.  

A customer and her hubby brought us lunch the other day after we heeded her advice and ordered a ramp with hand rails to be put out front.  The lunch was totally unexpected but appreciated just the same.  We meet some of the kindest people in our business !

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my last post...  It really made me feel good.

I hope everyone is having a great week!!


  1. Woof! Woof! The phone photo still looks lovely. I guess your conversation with your ex-boss is meant to happen ... inviting them fro dinner did not make any difference. He knows your good n you were part of the success of his business. Once you resolved your issues with the board ... you should be able to keep it even (some community ask for a yearly payment --- you just have to be prepare). Again, Golden Congrats. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. That was a gorgeous sunset Bobbi.
    I hope you are allowed to keep the "ear." We visit a dog groomer who works from her home. She can't have a sign, etc. but she had one of the decorative yard flags made with a doggie getting a bath that makes her house/business easy to find!
    Too bad about your ex boss. He should have valued you for your rapport with the customers when you were employed by him.
    Continued blessings on your new business. Hope you can put today behind you and rest well.

  3. Where do I start? All you did was tell the customers where you are. You did not make them come, that was their decision!! Miracle Ear should have done more to keep them, like incentives or something. Maybe the board will vote in favor of the ear. Do you get to talk at the meeting??? I have two words for you "YARD ART"!! People have garden gnomes and plastic flamingos, and this is much more classy!! Someone actually carved it, it wasn't bought off a shelf. It does not say your name or have any advertising on it, go and fight for your rights!!! It's not like it's a neon sign!! Here hear for the ear!! Long live the ear!!! I'm so glad you made the place handicapped accessible! I think that's important because most people who have hearing problems are older and have trouble getting around.

  4. Pretty rays from the sunset, good capture - even if it was a phone camera.

    That's a beautiful piece of art, maybe add a couple other pieces of wood art to the yard - foot, nose, lips, you know, body parts - or would they have a problem with that?

    You didn't steal his customers - I believe they were yours from the first smile, years ago!

  5. You did not do anything wrong...
    someone is jealous.

  6. Your Ex Boss needs to get rid of his jealousy of your success! It's not your fault that his customers loved and trusted you to help with their hearing needs!...

    And GOODNESS, that Ear is such an attention getter, I think it is creative and cool and so hope y'all get to keep it! Glad you have one board member that doesn't seem to mind. Some people just need to get a grip and find real things to fix and worry about instead of fixating on something as harmless as a wooden ear!

    Best Wishes, dear friend!

  7. Hi Bobbi, sounds like YOU were the one bringing in the customers at your old job, you treated them with dignity and respect and care and now they want to go where YOU are... you are their friend, I don't blame them... your ex boss should realize it was YOU that made his business work... too bad for him! If he treated you that way, maybe he does not treat his clients nice enough either... I think Gary's idea for a bear sounds grrreat!... xoxo Julie Marie PS Thanks for your constant support on my blog!!!

  8. Well, thats the way the balls bounce in a business! To bad for him! lol

  9. I use my phone for quickies when I don't have my camera too! It works when you don't want to miss the shot! The sunset is beautiful!

    Hope your business continues to grow and that the Ear carving gets to stay! It sure is a unique sign:)

    Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  10. I vote....da ear should stay! And...since me has such BIG ears, me will send you a BIG sculpture of MY ear to sit next to it! BOL And den you can add Gracie's ear too. What can be better den dat???

  11. Good for you guys! Just continue to be yourselves....and people will continue to come! Hope the 'ear' stays.

  12. I am with Amber, the ear should stay! I am glad to hear things have been going well and you are getting walk ins!

    Your pal, Pip

  13. I can definitely feel your 'pain' with the heat. It and the humidity are oppressive here, too.
    Your former boss should recognize that it's a competitive business world and customers follow the people they like. It happens in churches. It happens with beauticians. It happens with mechanics and doctors, too.
    LOVE the picture with the rays of light!


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