Monday, June 27, 2011

Winding Down

This week I'm winding down.  Cleaning out my offices.  

The Testing Room

I'm slowly pulling down photos, special signs, all things that say 'bobbi and gary work here'...

The reception area

  When I first worked here, this was my desk (above).

The repair / work room

  This (above) is where I did a lot of my own 
marketing and paperwork.  

When I tell people I'm leaving Miracle Ear to open my own business, many of my friends are saying "I thought Miracle Ear was your business."  LOL.  No, it wasn't.. though sometimes I felt like it was.  

Thursday is my last day.  It will be sad.  A little scary...  But a new beginning.


  1. Bobbi, May God richly bless you in this new endeavor. You will be in my prayers.

  2. Your comment on my last post just cracked me up!! You are so funny! I didn't know Gary worked with you at Miracle Ear, though I remember the picture you posted of both of you for your new business. What did he do?

  3. I think you are brave to follow your dream,,,,look ahead,,, and shine

  4. I love to see people follow their dream. Good for you, Bobbi! You'll never have to wonder what could have been!
    Go gett'em Girl!!

  5. I'm sure it will go well!!


  6. We are looking forward to see how it is going!

  7. I'm sure your last day will be a little bittersweet. But what a great new opportunity you have to serve the people in your area.

  8. Bobbi I was raised in family businesses. My family had 3 while I was growing up. I worked in all three. My first hubby and I ran 5 different businesses in our 25 years together. My second is in business for himself. Has been for 15 almost 16 years. In the beginning he did really well. Saved enough money for paying for a hernia surgery last year in cash!!!
    Now we have no kitty to fall back on and business has been steady but not good paying jobs. Then the first of this month a customer left Tom with a 2, 325. 00 bill unpaid and he has gone!!! Don't have a clue where. We really couldn't afford this loss. Now we are hurting.
    It is a gamble being in business for yourself!!! Good luck dear friend, Fern

  9. Change is scary...but I have a feeling this one will be really great! Praying for your transition, and lots of wags from Kelly!

  10. It is scary because now you are responsible for bringing in the money rather than just collecting the paycheck. I pray it goes well for you in a hurry and you get encouragement at the beginning - - - and always.

  11. Hi, I love your header! Great picture!
    Good luck with your new adventure!

  12. Hey Bobbi and Gary, how exciting and congratulations!!!!
    How long has this been in the making? Your own business and your own boss!

    I know the whole hearing industry is huge just by my visits with my Dad to his audiologist. Smart move.

  13. Sending lots of prayers and well wishes your way! I hope your new business is VERY successful!


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