Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Wildflowers and The Milk Bone

I love reading and commenting on my favorite blogs... but for some reason, only some show up on my blog list.  I have mine set to show the most recent updated blogs, but there are some of my favorites that are missing.  Does anybody know why that would be?  Would it have anything to do with the bloggers settings?  

Our wildflowers are really pretty this year.  I love the yellow.  These pictures do not do them justice...  they are gorgeous, and real eye candy along National Highway.  

Every morning Gracie and I stroll around the yard so she can smell and I can look.  

Then it's off to work I go...  and Gracie assumes position, watching the house.

Dear Diary,

Yesterday during our walk, a nice lady hurried out of her house and asked mom if I could have a treat.  Mom said yes!  Even though I'm on a diet mom still lets me have a little treat now and again.  The lady brought out a Milk Bone and I said thanks. Mom brought it home with us and I tried to find a good place to bury it.  But then:  'Gracie!  What are you doing in there???'  She walked into the living room and I froze for just a moment and gave her the 'what do you think I'm doing, I'm trying to hide this bone so you don't steal it' look.  She shooed me off of dad's chair and told me to eat the darn bone and quit trying to ruin the furniture.  So I did.  Gracie.


  1. Good Morning Bobbi and Gracie! The wildflowers are so sunny and gorgeous. How nice to get a milk bone from the neighbor lady! Hope you both have a wonderful day.

  2. Your wildflowers are just beautiful and such a pretty place you have to walk!... so happy a nice lady gave Gracie a little treat!... xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy

  3. I'm having the same problem ,, your blog is one of them not showing up,, whats with that,, I love your little Gracie,, i would give her the chair too!What we won't do for your canine friends.

  4. Blogger can be so temperamental. Alice had to do some updates on the computer and change my burrower to get mine to work. Love the wild flowers and Gracie is always so sweet.

  5. I love Gracie's diaries! :) Your wildflowers really are pretty. I wish I had something like that in my yard :)

  6. Good Morning, Bobbi!
    The wildflowers do look awfully pretty!
    I am fairly upset with blogger or is it google? I get these messages "waiting for google " and yes, sometimes posts come in whenever blogger allows, I have mine set up like yours and sometimes I have to go looking for somebody's post.
    Gracie saves her milkbones? JnJ eat theirs on the spot!

  7. If they ever figure out how to get Blogger to work right, we may yet be able to save the world one day.

  8. The flowers are beautiful, I think they are Black-Eyed Susans? Gracie is a wise doggie, saving up for her retirement years!!! YES to the blog list, Bobbi!!! In the past few months, I have missed several posts from several of my different followers, because they will temporarily drop off my sidebar, and it has happened to other people, too. no one seems to know why, I guess another blogger glitch.

  9. what a pretty place to stroll! It looks like y'all live in a pretty area...

    Gracie makes me smile. I really enjoy her "comments" in her diary.... she has so much personality; you can see it in those "looks" she gives you, and in the different ways she sprawls around. She's a girl that loves her comfort! There it is, I am smiling... sometimes I visit and look at her pictures just to do that, especially when I am missing my Jazz.... thanks for sharing her with us!

  10. Sooooooo, tell me how much ya'll has missed me and my endearing comments?
    Ms. Bobbi, your flowers are just extraoridinary...and my mum is jealous!

    Gracie, fur some strange reason hoomans are so sensitive bouts their furniture. I don't get it eithers but it don't stop me...hehehe!


  11. Hi Bobbi and Gracie, Loved seeing the pics of the wildflowers-so very charming. Glad your neighbor gave you a treat; this is something I do daily when my friend and her pup come to walk-I always have a biscuit waiting.
    Have a wonderful day.

  12. Very cute, Gracie and quite clever to use something other than dirt to hide things. It's cleaner to use furniture. It is wonderful to hear life is back to normal for you and Mom.

  13. I love your wild flowers,, and I love hearing your thoughts Gracie

  14. I don't rely on the blogroll. I use Google Reader so I don't miss a thing! Your wildflowers are so pretty!

    So nice of that lady to give you a treat Gracie!


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