Thursday, June 30, 2011

Leave 'em Laughing

Today it was goodbye.  I thought about all of the silly jokes I've laughed at, the many hugs I received, the wisdom, and the feeling of accomplishment - as the elderly person sitting across from me would cry because they could hear their spouse for the first time in a long time.  I'm hoping for many more years
 of the same...

I left the new person notes, tied up some loose ends, vacuumed, dusted, and put up a sign saying the office will be closed for a week.  

Our friends from Sears helped us to leave doing what we like to do the most...



  1. I'm not able to view the video but will check back later. I pray that you will be very happy and successful in this new adventure. Wishing you a wonderful July 4th weekend.

  2. LOVE the video!!! A sad day, but the beginning of your dream!!! You go, girlfriend!!!

  3. The video took forever to load, but was quite cute. I am sure this is bittersweet ending and beginning. Now....... when do I see the ear?

  4. Sharon, the guy is supposed to do the ear sometime next week. He is on the road, he does jobs all over the place and I think he's in Chicago and working his way back this way. All other loose ends have been tied with the new business - except the ear. We have our fingers crossed that he will find the tree stump to be doable after he gets in there...

  5. It was a bittersweet day for you for sure, but I just hope y'all's new venture succeeds beyond your wildest dreams....

    I, too, am looking forward to seeing "the Ear"


  6. My very best wishes to you both! And, Puppy Kisses from Mindy!

  7. The great race video was a wonderful way to say goodby.

    Have a nice weekend Bobbi :-)


    BTW, I like your new Gracie header :-)

  8. It's always good to leave 'em laughing. Enjoy the weekend!

  9. Good luck to you Bobbi!... Happy Fourth of July too!... xoxo Julie Marie

  10. Good luck you guys! You sound and look great! Bringing that good attitude you both have to the NEW place you will do very well!

    To answer your question on how Dad coped at his party.....well he had only one aid in and it seemed OK. Actually he only wears one anyway at a time. It 'feels' better for him. And we make sure he 'rotates' from ear to ear so that he won't just use one.

  11. You go, girl!! We are a team of cheerleaders rooting for your success!! Tons of positive thinking and wishing your way!!!

    A kiss for Gracie. A noisy one to tickle her little black nose.

  12. Now that was an Eureka moment with a "good bye, so long, it's been good to know you" moment! Great vid!!!!

  13. We like what you said,,
    Keep me laughing

  14. I'm excited for your new adventure. It's always a little scary to end something, but it's also good. Praying for your exciting beginnings!

  15. Hi Bobbi I just came over to tell you I was getting my watch battery changed in Sears and noticed a Miracle Ear next door to the watch counter. I thought of you...I didn't know you were located in a Sears too.

    Best of luck you you and Happy 4th,
    Madi and Mom


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