Thursday, May 5, 2011

Love This Time of Year

"Come on Gracie, let's take a walk around the house before I leave for work."

"Let me grab my phone and take a picture of these pretty wildflowers popping up in the flower bed.  Now be still....  Quit pulling on the leash.  A few months and this bed will be covered in an array of beautiful colors."

"Hold it.  Just one more picture...  These bushes beside the house are starting to look gorgeous.  I love this time of year."

Dear Diary,

I got mail.  Mom said it's my sickie-pressie and it will make me feel better.  I'm smiling already.  Gracie.


  1. Wellllll.... what's in da box?!?!

    Nugget & Oscar

  2. What a big smile she has on her face standing next to that box! And now the fun begins!! Do you plant wildflowers? We do every year, I love them. Your yard is looking prettier than ours so far! We are planting this weekend!

  3. Gracie is a happy looking girl in that last photo! and the flowers are so pretty....I love this time year, too...


  4. OMD, I just loves dat last pikture of you Gracie!!!!! Yea, what da heck is in da box? Don;t leave me hangin'.

    What purty flowers you has. We has luverly weeds.


  5. We sure love how big you can smile Gracie! Billy and Mom

  6. WooHoo....jus' look at dat smile! Whatever is in dat box....I wants some!

  7. How fun!... you look better already... love you little Gracie... xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy

  8. How fun. What is in the box? Toys?

  9. Gracie - - the picture of you smiling beside the box tells me you are feeling much, much better than some of the last posts! Hooray. Enjoy your treats while Mom enjoys the flowers outside.

  10. What's in the box Gracie?! It must be something delicious from Three Dog Bakery. Hope you enjoy!

  11. Gracie
    I just bet that box smells so good

  12. I love that last cute! Gracie, I bet you are going to enjoy that gift!

    I love this time of the year too! It's amazing to me how every year things look so dead and then they just come to life. It makes me happy!


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