Friday, May 27, 2011

Before and After

The Shaggy Dog / The Rat Dog

Dear Diary,  

The morning of my grooming (yesterday), Mom felt as though she should have a photo shoot.  She said my cuteness was about to disappear.

She said I'd look like a Poodle after my grooming...

Or a Rat...

Me, in the car on my way to get my make-over

There I am

 I was happy to be riding in the Buick.  Every time the car made a turn onto another road, I went crazy with excitement.  Then I accidentally pushed the window button and mom freaked.  'Gracie, you'll get your head stuck in there!' she screamed.  

She worries too much.

I was just fine.  She needs to get a grip.

I laugh at her ranting mostly...

But I guess she got the last laugh.

 I do look like a rat.  Gracie.


  1. You do NOT look like a rat! You look cute and cuddly!1 Love Billy

  2. Oh Gracie, you do not look like a rat, you look adorable and it will be so cool for summer!... Tessy has such short hair, she will love your new haircut!... xoxo Julie Marie and Tessy

  3. I've always worried about those window buttons too! Love your new "do", Gracie. You'll get used to it.

  4. You look ADORABLE! I do understand about the whole grooming thing ...I have heard rumors I will be going soon, too.

    Your pal, Pip

  5. You look adorable Gracie! I always wondered if Kelly would feel more comfortable with a shorter haircut for the summer but can't bring myself to have it done too short. Stay cool and comfy and know how cute you always are!

  6. Gracie, I guess she did but she loves you so so I don't think she is laughing! Look at the positive my dear, you will be so cool when the temps rise about well, 90!
    lucky you!

  7. Oh my gosh!! But Gracie, you still have those beautiful, big soulful eyes!! And now you will be so much cooler in the heat! Your mom knows what she's doin'!

  8. Gracie you look like a sweet little baby lamb...your ears are so fluffy I bet they are soft.
    Hugs madi

  9. Oh Gracie,, I agree with Madi and Mom,, you look like a newborn baby lamby. You look so sweet

  10. I think you look cute, Gracie, and it will grow back!! Koda has hit the button to open the window, I'm always afraid he will fly out the window! Thankfully, that window doesn't work any more......

    Koda truly understands; he got groomed at the vet's today; bath and nails clipped; he smells so good like I'm sure you do!


  11. Gracie, I've seen a rat and there's no way you look like one!!! One thing about hair, is that it always grows, but you have to admit, aren't you feeling a bit better since it's gotten so hot?

  12. Samson Says: Gracie, your cuteness is still there, but you look so sad. Cheer up and just think how cool you will be this summer. You will both look cool and be cool. Now, how cool is that, I ask. xoxo, your Samson

  13. Gracie, just think how cool you'll be this summer....I mean COOL as in NOT WARM. The good thing about hair is that is grows back!

  14. Naw - - you just look tired from your fun adventure in the car and at the groomer. Don't you feel good to be all clean and sweet-smelling without any matted fur?!!

  15. Gracie,

    I thinks you looks beootiful too! Thanks fur stoppin' by my blog and being my new furiend!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  16. Gracie, You don't look like a rat. Your new 'do' looks wonderful - especially with hot weather on the way.

  17. Gracie, you do not look like a rat! You look adorable! And just think how cool you are going to stay this summer!

  18. we had a little fellow like your gracie,, he hid in his bed for hours after his hair cut,, embarrassed we thought,, then he would run around silly like crazy,, gracie is such a sweetie,, my Buckie has been gone now 7 years,, he was 17 when he passed,, I like to think he watches over us,,


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