Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Call Me Sentimental

Of all living things, my favorites to be around are:  elderly, dogs, and children.

Maybe it's their innocence...

Or their desire to please...

They don't expect much from you...

Just a hug now and again...

A listening ear...

An appreciation for their kindness...

They seem to know your heart...

And can feel your love...

They've not been jaded by the worlds unfairness or undeserving blows.  Well...  the elderly have been there - done that - and have wisdom to share on how to get through it all.

Children.  Now, they see beauty in the simplest of things.

And if we can see through their eyes - if just for a moment - we can appreciate that simplicity.

Call me sentimental...

But when I saved Rissa's tiny baby bottle from four years ago,  to display the bouquet she would someday pick for me....

I knew I'd admire it through tears 
of remembrance one day... 

And it would make a most beautiful display...

On her fourth birthday yesterday, we had pizza... ice cream... and played in the yard.  She picked me the most gorgeous dandelions I've ever seen.

Dear Diary,

I'm feeling a lot better. If my mom wasn't such a stickler on following rules, I'd be taking long walks around the neighborhood by now.  She's getting on my last nerve > 'Gracie, quit running'   'Gracie, don't jump'  'Gracie, let me lift you onto the bed.' 'Gracie, don't chew your stitches'.  Humph.  


I appreciate that she took such good care of me, but I'm ready to get these stitches out and live again.  Gracie.


  1. Ah I so agree with you! Great vase! Save it for the wedding someday! Gracie, so glad you are feeling better!

  2. Seems Bobbi forgot to mention it's HER birthday today.She is just too humble.Happy Birthday pretty lady.Love,Your hubby.........

  3. I love the baby bottle filled with such a special bouquet picked with love. Cute, cute photos. Gracie, hang in there...you'll be feeling better very soon!

  4. Such purrty flowers. We don't have dose flowers in my yard. :o(

    Gracie, do as your Mama tells you. Mama's know best. (At least let her tink so anyways and keep da peace)

  5. I love that you kept Rissa's bottle to be used as a vase for flowers picked by her!

    Gracie, It's wonderful that you're feeling so much better. Hang in there. It won't be long before you're allowed to run again.

  6. Rissa's bottle filled with those beautiful dandelions brought tears to my eyes. And Gracie, you better listen to your mommy and be very careful so you don't have to go back to you know where!--Inger

  7. Bobbi, I'm with you on all of your favs! Rissa is adorable. And Gracie? Only the cutest!

  8. Way to go Miss Bobbi...my mum is on a mission to da attic to retrieve My Girl's bottles now!
    I haves to say those words were very poetic and struck a little cord. What a beautiful, heartfelt post and so hits da nail on da head.
    Dats one reason we loves little bue headed peoples...their knowledge and wisdom. And OOOOO how they loves to share their stories.

    Gracie, I thinks you is doin' a purty good job of mending and minding. I know it's hard to keep a good dog down.


  10. Bobbi, you do have the best blog! I always leave with a smile..... what a neat idea to save the baby bottle!
    And thanks for sharing the photos of Gracie.... so glad to know she is better.

    And I already "Sang" Happy birthday to you.. guess I got the day wrong! hehe Hope it's a wonderful one for you, though!

  11. Happy Birthday!
    Sweet idea about the dandelion vase. I loved receiving dandelion bouquets from my kids.
    Gracie, hang in there and keep getting better!

  12. Isn't it just the BEST when they pick wildflowers and give them to you?? Everyone should experience that, it melts your heart! She is adorable and I love her pink dress!!! How much longer till Gracie gets her stitches out?

  13. Gracie you will have those stitches out very soon now.!! You have been a very good girl!!
    That was so sweet, your hubby sending you a love birthday comment!! So sweet!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern
    Happy Birthday dear friend!!

  14. Gracie, obey your mom and listen to her; she is saying those thing and doing those things for your own good! Don't play with your stitches, you don't want to have to wear the "cone of shame" (that collar where the dogs can't move their necks).

    What a sweet day you had with Marissa as she picked dandelions to share with you!


  15. What a beautiful post and I agree with you.
    I am happy the dog is getting better ツ

  16. What a great idea for a vase! I am so glad that Gracie feeling so much better!


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