Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Sparkly, Pretty Dress

Spring is just around the corner.  Gary sent me tulips, but they arrived a day late.  
"The flowers are on us," 
said the customer service rep at Pro Flowers. 
 That was very nice.  

Today the sun was shining.  I can't believe I left this beautiful day pass me by without getting a picture.  
But I was busy spoiling my granddaughter after a long overdue sleepover.  
And she had a number of requests.

"Show me attitude..."  I said.  So she did.

"Grammy, do you have sparkly nail 
polish for my nails?"  

"Oh, I think I can find some."

"And Grammy...  do you have a sparkly, pretty dress I can wear?"  

"Let's check..." I said.  And sure enough, I found one.

"Am I beautiful Grammy?" 

"You are very beautiful, Rissie."

"Can I have a kiss, Gracie?"

"And Grammy, can I have one of you're
 beautiful pink flowers?"

Me? Say no??  Not on your life!

This day would have been bright even
 without the sun shining.


  1. How sweet is all of that!! Sounds like you had the perfect day!

  2. Just precious Bobbi!... and your flowers are lovely... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. I like your flowers in that vase - I do like green!

    Marissa is adorable, dressed up or not! She has learned to show attitude, your daughter will be proud, LOL! She is such a doll!

    I would have shipped you some sunshine, but I am afraid it all would have leaked out on it's way.


  4. Awww, you are such a great Grandma...I bet you have her eating out of your hands, and she yours!
    Glad you had a blessed time...

  5. When I saw your title, I wondered who the dress was for, you or Gracie!! It's for Rissie!! She is just so adorable whatever she wears!!! Do you keep a dress-up trunk for her? Do you a Babie makeup set? The tulips are beautiful!!!

  6. What a darling little girl... and she is blessed to have such a loving grammie...

    I love the tulips very Spring-y! and colorful too...


  7. She is just adorable and so is this post!

  8. Special times, special memories made.

  9. Oh these memories will be so rich in her mind when she is older. What a precious grandmother/granddaughter relationship you have. I cherished my Mamaw so much--she meant the world to me...her memories still do :)

  10. She is the MOST adorable :)

  11. A day full of joy...what more could you ask for!!!!

  12. She is just precious! I love that "attitude" picture! The tulips are so pretty! I have thought about planting some this year.

  13. As "Sophie" said... what more could you ask for!?

    Beautiful flowers, an adorable little girl to spoil and love to pieces, and Gracie close by, to check on what you ladies were up to.
    Thank you for sharing it with us!


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