Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mom Freaked

This post is brought to you by 
my Almost-Free duvet set.  


And now let's talk about the Groundhog.

Punxsutawney Phil
You are such a pill.
You promise early spring,
Then what is this thing?
It’s such a surprise
Falling into my eyes.
And onto the ground
Where the grass doth surround.
Pelting off of my coat
I must take a note,
To never give ear
To a legend that would steer-
And make me to swoon
And think Spring would be soon.
So go back in your hole
With the rest of the moles.

Dear Diary,

My mom threw one of my favorite balls out into the middle of the yard and I'm worried that it won't be safe out there.  Here's what happened.  It was almost midnight and I was stretched out in bed - almost passing into dream land - when all of a sudden it came from the living room.  "I'm gonna getchyou!!" Mom freaked. Yep.  That was my ball talking.  It say's a number of other things...  like "Hey puppy" and "BURP" - stuff like that.  Mom says it sounds demonic and she wasn't about to be woken up in the middle of the night with it's voice coming out of nowhere in the dark living room.  I wonder if it will be talking to the sidewalk people as they walk their dogs past our house.  I hope that big bad German Shepherd doesn't steal my ball.  Hmph.  Gracie.


  1. I have one of those balls that burps too! My Buddy just LOVES it so. It is the most rude ball we've ever owned.

  2. Bwhahahahaha...OMD Gracie can you imagines how skeered da peeps walking will be when da ball starts talkin...OH oH oH i knows let's gats dat on video...bwhahahahahahaha! Oh me, dat would be HILARIOUS! My mum says dat hers would haves prolly thrown dat ball in da yard too but her has always been a kill joy anyways.

    Oh and dat groundhog...well lets just say we's don't sees eye to eye anymores since da day he scratched my neck in an attack.


  3. Really love that duvet set! Well worth it!

    I think Phil should be banned, he lies all the time!

    We have one of those balls that makes sounds too, they ignore it, I think it's cute, doesn't burp, it makes happy little sounds - when you least expect it! Gracie, I think it will be fine, LOL!

  4. We don't own one of those balls, but if it was talking in the middle of the night I would be getting rid of it!

  5. Must look for the burping ball and tease my grandpa with it....demonic snicker!

  6. Hehehe what a cute post today....

    Girl, I would have thrown it in the yard, too. Would NOT have wanted it talkin' to me during the night...

    Really enjoyed visiting with y'all today...


  7. Yes, even puppies have nightmares! Or a great imagination!

  8. Hi Bobbi... your new duvet set is so pretty!... I hope Tessy doesn't ask for one of those balls now... I would freak out if I heard it talk in the middle of the night!... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. That sounds almost like one of the grandkids toy clocks! It kept waking Mom up in the middle of the night, so she hid it in their basement! I would sure love a chance to lay on that new duvet! Licky kisses, Billy

  10. MOL Gracie...a talking ball...oh my much trouble as the Mom has going to sleep and staying asleep she would have beat the stuffing out of the demonic ball. Maybe a racoon will find it.
    We love your almost free duvet....guess what Mom and Dad have the same one except theirs is burgundy on burgundy. and yes my white tummy hair shows up purrfectly on it. MOL I have many pictures of me on it but Mom also puts a towel down too.
    Madi and Mom

  11. Bobbi,
    I love the new spread; duvet :)
    I don't think I could have a ball like that; it would freak me out as well....I don't like voices~

  12. Did you write that poem?? I LOVE it, it's whimsical and charming!! Oh, that ball, were all of you asleep?? It would have scared me to death!!!

  13. the duvut looks good!! LOL, I think the groundhog predicted our weather because it was in the high 70s and sunny here.....


  14. I don't blame your mom for tossing that ball. lol. Maybe some squirrel will discover it and get a big surprise!

  15. I loved your duvet cover set! The blue goes so neat with the wood headboard.

    Gracie, you made me laugh! I can imagine what your mommy felt, when the thing started "talking" out there by itself, in the middle of the night! That was a good one!

  16. They sell balls that talk now a days!! That must be a riot!!! There must be a way to turn off the thing! Must be!!
    Thanks for your visit!
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  17. Awww Gracie is sooo cute!! Love your blog x

  18. I love your new duvet! It's such a pretty color! Yuck on the snow! I am so glad that we are past that! It's been a little cool lately and so windy but other than that not cold enough for snow! Too funny about the ball, Gracie! I hope you are able to convince your Mom to bring it back inside!


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