Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reccurring Dreams

I have a lot of big changes in the making for this year.  I'm excited about each one.  I can't elaborate just yet. I know...  the suspense is killing you, right?  Hey, isn't that what makes life interesting?  The waiting.  The wondering.  The guessing.  

So...  let's see.  What do I want to talk about today?  Everything I want to talk about is off limits for now.  

Okay, so I'll tell you about the dream I had last night.   I was looking out of my window (where I lived when I was married to husband #1) at the crack of dawn and there was this huge silver UFO that covered the entire sky.  

In seconds it swished past and disappeared into the horizon.  The world was ending (in my dream).   

Does anyone care to decipher that one?  LOL

A lot of times I'll dream that I'm flying> floating in the air.  If someone tries to get me I will pray (in my dream), and I'm able to float away from the bad people.  (That's not actually me...*I wish*  I got that picture on the internet> LOL>  )

Sometimes I dream things that have meaning.  I used to dream about my sister who lived away - and the next day I'd have a letter from her in my mailbox.  

I dream about Athena almost every night.  Some of the dreams are good, some not so good.  I guess it was such a tremendous blow to my heart and our lives- what happened... and it lives on inside of me and my feelings come out in my dreams. 

Does anyone else have reccurring dreams?   Do you think dreams have meaning?  Do you remember your dreams?


  1. I am curious Bobbi.

    And yes! I often have reocurring dreams, I do have dreams that I believe have meaning, and I usually remember them.

    The subject is so intriguing and intense (to me, at least) that it could only fit in a complete post.

    I also dream I am flying and it is absolutely fantastic!!! We should go for a flight together - wouldn't that be something?

    I've had dreams with people that had passed, and I knew they were no longer here. They talked to me and I had relatives of these people come and ask me about them. They had dreams that told them I had something to tell them. Go figure.

    This is a fascinating subject.

  2. Everyone in my family knows I have had a recurring dream since HIGH SCHOOL! I need desperately to get into my school locker and cannot remember the combination! I know some Dr. could have a ball figuring me out!!!

  3. Hello Bobbi! I don't really have recurring dreams, but I have to admit that my Mom and Dad (who have both passed) are in them quite frequently--I've no idea if there's some kind of message or not...But they're always there.

    I will look forward to reading about your changes...Glad you didn't tell us your secrets...I'm terrible at keeping them! ;-))

  4. Hi Bobbi... I have some recurring dreams too... sometimes, I truly believe loved ones who have passed on come to us, and we think they are dreams, but they are real... some people would pooh pooh this, but not me... I am a very spiritual person, and I believe my loved ones are around me alot of the time... I know there are books that supposedly tell what dreams mean, but who are the authors of these books to interpret what WE dream? It's a very interesting subject though... I sometimes have nightmares too, and wake up just shaking... those scare me... let's both have sweet dreams tonight!... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. Hi Bobbi! I do believe that there are meaning in dreams, now If I cold get someone to tell me what they mean.
    I am looking forward to you sharing these new changes, as you are dealing with a very nosy person here. LOl
    I read your last post and salivated over those chocolates.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Sue

  6. For a long time I would have a dream that I would got to school and get turned away. I would dream that over and over for like 10 years. I went and got my GED, never had that dream again. I also dreamed a lot about going into old houses, perchance to buy. That dream has stopped since we moved into this house.

    I like dreaming about my Brother, Mom and Sister - it's always so good to see them! I haven't dreamed about my Dad for a very long time.

  7. I used to dream that I would see my dad (somewhere) and I'd say "Dad, I thought you were dead?" It was so neat because in my dream... he was very much alive... just living somewhere else. I had that dream a lot. He died when he was 53.

  8. I used to have a recurring dream that a witch was chasing me beside a high wall. I couldn't get around it or over it. I would wake up in a cold sweat, sometimes screaming. Thankfully I haven't had that one in a long time. My husband doesn't much like peeling himself off the ceiling. I think dreams are a person's way of trying to work out/come to grips with what has been happening around them. I do remember most of my dreams and I dream in color.

  9. Dear Bobbi... I do believe that sometimes the Lord will talk to us through dreams.... it happened in the Bible, after all. Now, that is NOT to say that every dream is from the Lord.

    I have what I call "Bean" dreams sometimes... LOL!

    But I have felt the Lord dealing with me about something in a dream before.

    The best rule of thumb that I have learned is to pray about dreams that bother me or that I feel are of a serious nature....I just give them over to Him......

    Just remember, God cares about the details of our lives.... big and small.....


    Hugs, Jenni

  10. I love flying dreams! I don't have them as much as I used to...the funny thing is the more I have them the better I get at flying in practicing in dream land I guess!

  11. Don't get me started!!! Well, since you brought it up...we have studied quite a bit into dream interpretation. Dreams are all symbolic of what is going on in your mind. The key is understanding the symbols. The end of the world flying saucer is so easy to me!!!! It is about all the big changes happening in your life!! Changes are stressful, even if they are good ones. So it really is the end of the world as far as things being the same as they always were. Sounds like you are entering a new kind of life and large parts of what you did before are at an end. All the big changes are represented as the end of the world, or the end of the way things are right now. Your sub-concious is symbolizing life changes.

  12. I just had to come back to talk again after reading your comment on my blog. And after thinking more about this post of yours. Are you psychic?? could you possibly know that Ella is extremly extroverted and talkative. And Anne Marie is quiet and shy.??? I don't think I have EVER said that on my blog, except to say they are different! No, I know I have never mentioned it!! I would sure like to meet you, you get more fascinating with each post!! How could you tell that from those pictures, or did it come to you some other way??

  13. I like Ginny's response...Bobbi, I do beleive dreams have significance in our lives; what that purpose is, I'm not sure. I think the represent the unconscious and are a venue to acknowledge certain thougths and feelings we may not recognize.
    But in knowing there are changes in your life, I'm not surprised by the dreams! anticipation? apprehension? perhaps excitement?

  14. Dreams have a lot of meaning they say. It's the subconscious going into action! I dream occasionally and don't usually remember them.

  15. No recurring dreams here. I remember most of my dreams very vividly. Some are good. Some not so good. I also have been caught and have caught myself acting out a dream. I only do that if I am really stressed out.


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