Saturday, January 29, 2011

Observe a Snowflake

Hubby went outside today and took
 some pictures of snowflakes.

They look like little stars.

I find this fascinating. Beautiful.  Amazing.

And rarely do I stop and look closely at one.

Is life so hectic...

That there's no time to observe a snowflake?

If  you don't have this on your list of things 
to do today...  add it.  It only takes a minute.


  1. Bobbi, these are beautiful! Good job Gary! And to think there are not two alike! Oh it can be so mind-boggling sometimes.
    Yes, we can all stop to 'smell the roses'.

  2. Now it's on my list for sure, Bobbi! But I'm going to have to wait until Tuesday. Today it was a balmy 70+ degrees and I rather like that! You have inspired me to get a good picture of a flake. And thank you so much for your wonderful comments on my blog. Your thoughtfulness meant so much!


  3. Wow, that is so neat....hard to imagine how tiny they can be and so beautiful when up close...I love these pics!

  4. I've taken some macros of snowflakes, but none of them look anything like this, I had to enlarge this. It's amost unbleieveable, but they do seem to be made from partly ice! They really are stars!!! Perhaps it's really stardust, that's wht I think!

  5. I, too, will have to wait a few days. Snowflakes are like us, no two alike, and very beautiful. Great shots, I don't think my camera would be able to get close enough.

    Good Post!

  6. WOW--what a great post. I am sorry to say I have never observed a snowflake like this-up close. I see them as a bunch of white with no shape or dimension. I am missing a lot. Perhaps we should say stop and view the snowflakes :)

  7. I love the snow - - especially when it has first fallen - so very white - - whiter than any white we have. I love watching the snowflakes drift down from heaven.

  8. They ARE so beautiful....and looking closely takes your breath intricate!
    Thanks for the reminder to look!!

  9. Nice shots, snowflakes are hard to capture, but they are beautiful.

  10. Thank you for sharing these photos! Guess I will have to wait till I am up north some winter to check them closer. 8*(

  11. Beautiful photos. I do take the time to look at snowflakes. Perhaps because I'm retired and have the time, perhaps because I missed them so much when I lived in Southern California and there were none.--Inger

  12. Hi Bobbi! Great photos and thinking about how 'individual' snowflakes are a reminder of how unique we also are, and how life is full of flakes sometimes! :-)

  13. Very beautiful. We are suppose to get snow tomorrow. A look at God's handy work.

  14. I have made wishes on snowflakes and I think that I recognize some of those beautious snowflakes.. They are packed full of wishes.
    Thank you to your husband for taking the photos.

  15. Those are great pictures! I don't think I've ever seen a snowflake that close up. I'm usually spending my time indoors cursing the stuff...LOL!


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