Monday, January 3, 2011

Mondays Mug: Tweet, tweet

Mondays Mug: North Carolina

Passing through North Carolina en route to Florida a few years ago... 

I just had to stop for a mug :)

What better time than now to tell you about the realistic singing bird from the Audubon Society that I found last year at a yard sale for a dollar. It tweeted and moved it's head... just like a real bird.  (Shhh... he didn't know about it)  It was just about the time Gary had decided he was going to take up bird watching as a hobby.  He put up bird feeders and I got him a book for his birthday so he would become educated on the different species of birds that his bird feeder was attracting.  

I placed our little plastic friend on the bird feeder ledge outside of our bedroom window the next morning and waited.

Soon Gary called me into the bedroom.  "You have to see this!" He said.   I could hardly contain myself as he pointed out the petrified, singing bird that sat on the feeder refusing to fly away. 

Our birdie friend found a permanent place on top of the kitchen cabinets guarding the mugs... so I thought I'd include him in todays post.  

"Tweet, tweet."


  1. Oh Bobbi, you are such a tease!... love the birdie and the mug... I do hope your hubby is feeling better... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Good Morning Bobbi! That's a cute bird and I love the mug. I have several bird watching blog friends who take the most amazing photos of feathered friends. God bless you both this Monday morning!

  3. He did get you back, right, Bobbi? LOL! Very cute and quite life like bird. I like your Cardinal mug too!

    I hope Gary gets many a feathered friend at his bird feeder!

    Have a great day!

  4. Hi Bobbi,
    Cute cute cute!!!! We have one bird feeder up now. Years ago we use to have 3 feeders up. It got so every time I went out I got a tick. We had lots of birds!!! Tom started getting ticks too. So he said no more feeders!!
    WE compromised and now we have only one and not so many ticks!!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  5. Cute post Bobbi, and glad you stopped in N.C. and got the souvenir. We do love our birds here in N.C.
    I read your last post, , I hope your dh is better. I will be praying for him and You as well.
    May this new year bring you and your family many blessings.

  6. What a cute story!! The little goldfinch is lovely, does he still sing? How does Gracie like that? We are birdwatchers! Have been for over 25 years! How many states do you have mugs from?

  7. That is funny. I hope he enjoyed the humor.

  8. Thats funny! Isn't it greatto play jokes on our spouses? LOL

  9. Oh Bobbi, That's really funny! what a little cute bird :) And I have to say I love the mug; why wouldn't I being a Carolina girl!?

  10. Very, very cute - - - and I wondered, too, if your hubby is feeling better. Sure hope so.

  11. Thanks everyone. Gary is feeling a little better. I insisted he eat soup tonight for supper, then he started not feeling well again. At least I've been able to get him out of the house!

    He's a real jokester - so he took this one I played on him pretty well. Someday I'll tell you how he got back at me.

  12. that,s very cute and funny i like it.and thanks for sharing.

  13. Too funny about the bird! I have to say that I am little partial to that mug....LOL! We love our Cardinals down here. We have a married couple (that's what I call them) that lives in the leylands behind our house. I love to listen to them talk (maybe bicker?) at each other...LOL!


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