Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Singing and Dancing for The Residents

Let's all sing!

"Oh the weather outside is frightful,
and the fire is so delightful...
And since there's no place to go,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow"

Well, it's only flickering snow, but it is bitter cold.

Gracie says she's not moving no way... no how!

And I say...  I want to hibernate. 
Wake me sometime mid-March please.  

But wait-I don't want to miss the children at the nursing home, singing and dancing for the residents.

That's my girl, right up front.  She was being shy and not wanting to dance... until she saw Grammy and Pop Pop walk in.  Then she was all smiles.  

I whispered in her ear, and told her 
I had a surprise for her if she danced nice.   

And  when she was done dancing we gave her a "hello kitty" watch from a happy meal and $2 to get an ice cream.

She was happy.

It was worth going out in the storm!

We were sitting in back of the dancers/singers but I loved capturing the faces of the nursing home residents.  Rissie is the one on the far left directly in front of us.    

This is Christmas!!  And it warms my heart.


  1. Very touching Bobbi, and your little granddaughter is so adorable!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. That was so fun to watch! Adorable and what a cutie she is!


  3. Hi Bobbi, I enjoyed both videos, and can't make up my mind which I enjoyed the most. What a blessing that Children learn the true meaning of Christmas at such an early age, How awesome your daughter learning of the true gift, and then sharing this gift with others.
    Thank you for sharing. It is bitter cold here too, and my skin is so dry. lol

    Thank you for coming by and for taking the time to leave me such a sweet note,
    Blessings, Sue

  4. HI Bobbi! This has been such a nice way to end my day!! What a precious and beautiful granddaughter you have!

  5. The videos were so cute and that granddaughter is adorable! I would want to hug her all the time -- - - and if I couldn't be with her every minute, I would probably watch the videos over and over and over again.

  6. Marissa is really a doll, that red dress goes so well with her coloring - she would be a great doll model.

    Gracie, she's like Jack, thinks it's just too cold! Jill doesn't seem to mind it all that much.

    Very cold, not going to warm up much before more cold comes in - ready to move South, oh, wait, I've done that once already!

    Definitely a two dog night with DH gone!

  7. so cute the little ones going to entertain the people at the nursing home! very cute video! Marissa is so cute! I am sure the residents at the nursing home enjoyed their special visitors! Very good idea for you too to have a little motivation for Marissa to do a good job with the performance!! I won't bother to tell you it will be close to 80 degrees here this weekend :)

    but I did pay my dues, I lived 8 years in Montana where I was always cold from October until June.


  8. I was just getting really disssapointed that you didn't show a single picture of her dancing, then I got to the video, YES!!! How adorable, she for sure has some moves!! My favorite part of Christmas is the little kids programs, and we just spent the last two nights at them, as you will be seeing on my blog. Boo hoo, I don't know how to post videos like you can!! I have only pictures.

  9. Very sweet!!! Warms our hearts too :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  10. Hey...I has a little girl too! Your girl is BEEEEEAUTIFULS! My mum says dat dis is what Christmas is all bouts...da children and makin' peoples happies (like da residents in nursing homes).


  11. Awe........just wonderful! Such a beautiful smile she has too!

  12. What a precious and beautiful grandchild....
    Seeing everything with a child's eyes makes is 200% more special.

    We hope your back is getting better.
    Madi and Mom

  13. Great videos and photos! And by the way Gracie is one smart dog! :-)


  14. Such a sweet video! Marissa is so cute!


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