Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day - Remembering Dad

I pull Dad's old letters from a tin and I feel his loneliness... experience his sadness .... and am proud of his dedication to the country in which he served as I read his words from years ago...

Jan. 18, 1946

Dear Mom & Dad,

"Just a few lines to let you know I am well..."  

"I have been transferred again, this time on a ship..." 

"Have you seen Jo lately?"
Jo = my mom.... 

July 15, 1948

"I got paid yesterday.  Boy I sure did need it.  I got forty four dollars....."

Tokyo:  Sept. 30

Dear Mom and Dad,

"Just a few lines to let you know I am well and hope you all are the same.."

"How's the garden getting along this year?"

"I got a letter from Jo the other day...."

"Don't forget to send me some pictures..."

Monday, Aug. 13

"We sure have been having good news lately about the war.  It looks to me like it's almost over..."

"I haven't gotten any mail from you in about a month. I guess I'll get it all at once..."

"I don't want to miss this chance to get home for Christmas..."

"Have you seen Jo lately? I wrote to her tonight. Tell her to answer and let me know if she gets it..." 

"Well this makes almost 2 1/2 years I have been in the Navy.  It don't seem that long.I a getting to like it better than I did before. I get to see a lot of places and things.."

My dad's the one on the left.
The uniform is why he is my Dad, at
least that's what my Mom told me. lol.

Love, Bob EM 3R

  I don't really understand war.  Some men don't like to talk about it once they return home.  Some become alcoholics, drug addicts, and some are psychologically scarred for life.

My dad married my mom, then went on to have seven children. He worked as an electrician, and drank a lot.  He was quiet, kind and generous.  He died at age 53.  

  God bless those men who serve...  who make our country a safer place to live. 



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  2. My brother was a Marine in Viet Nam and had some pretty bad experience. still suffers from Agent orange and other war related health issues as well. He was proud to serve though, as was my dad.

  3. Another thoughtful post! My Father was in the Korean war, and I have a few of the letters he wrote to his parents during that time--I think it's too bad that letter writing is being replaced with phone calls and e-mails because there's just something special about having a handwritten letter from someone who is gone and meant so much to us; it really connects us to them.

  4. A very nice post, I imagine hard to write.
    Yes, Bless him and bless them all!


  5. I think it is awesome you have his letters! I'm so sorry he died so young. You can read his "lonesomeness" in his letters. Even to this day they say "mail call" and to hear your name called is a highlight of a soldier's day.


  6. Gracie
    My moms dad served and he died at the same age. We honor those that serve for our freedoms.

    Hey Gracie, You have me for the gift exchange. Here is our e-mail and could you e-mail us so I can give you my address?? Thanks


  7. I'm sorry your daddy died so young, but I am happy you still have his wonderful letters to keep his memory alive... Julie Marie

  8. My father is a Vietnam Veteran. He has no effects. Never drank, smoked, did drugs.... I don't why some turn to those things. I guess it just depends on the person. I am proud of my Dad for his service. He volunteered, was not drafted. He's my hero.

    My brother is on his 80 day transitional leave from the Army. He has served 20 years and will retire December 31. He never saw war. I say Thank God because he's not like my Dad. He would've handled it very differently, I think.

    How awesome that you have these letters! What a treasure! He died so young.... so sorry to hear that! I know you miss him!


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