Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Spring Fever

Dear Diary,

I'm sick.  So very sick.  
Mom says I have a fever. 

Every morning when Mom goes into the 
back room to read her Bible, I'm right 
behind her.  Because I know...

The only way to break this fever I have...

Is to get a look...

Just to see a glimpse of him...

My new neighbor....

Max.  Oh how I love him. 

Mom teases me.  
'Gracie, there's Maxie pad'
'Gracie, it's you're boyfriend.' 
and I high-tail it into the room
 (even though I don't have much of a tail).

 I thought spring fever 
only came in the spring.



  1. Oh Gracie honey, I think it's only "puppy love", tee hee hee! Big doggie kisses to you!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. That's sweet, Gracie, but nothing can come of it. It's just gonna break your heart.

  3. too cute!! Max looks like a very nice looking neighbor! perhaps Gracie you need to take some treats over to him to welcome him!


  4. Too cute! A girl can only hope, I guess. Sophie's neighbour is Max as well. He doesn't give her the 'time of day'. I guess he finds big blondes too much for

  5. Maxie Pad...isn't that a! Sorry I couldn't resist the pun!

  6. haha... yes Sophie, I know what you're thinking, Mom is so bad to tease me that way!! She calls him MacX the knife and Waxy Maxie too. I'll bet you don't have to put up with this kind of abuse! Gracie.

  7. Oh Gracie, Max is a cutie! I can see why you have such a crush!


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