Friday, November 5, 2010

Grand Opening of Rita's AND Walmart Gift Card Drawing

It was granddaughter night!

There was dancing to Tom Petty...

Custard from Rita's Grand Opening.... 


"Grammy, this is so cold... can you heat it up for me?"


A waffle cone for Gracie...

A belly rub from Daddy...

And the drawing for the Walmart gift card...

Congratulations to Jim from Ocean Breezes ! If you would email me your address I will send your Walmart gift card :)


  1. congrats to Jim!! yum on the cones!! too cute with Gracie enjoying her's and what your grand-daughter said to ask you to warm it up! Tom Petty is good to dance to too :)


  2. Marissa is really getting down there! Such a sweetheart!
    That looks so good! I could stand some, hmm, may have to settle for some vanilla ice cream, just plain..... :(
    I'll bet Gracie needed more cleaning up than Marissa! LOL!

  3. Love your adorable photos! Congrats to Jim. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Congrats to him!!! Now I want icecream LOL

  5. WOW! I never win stuff! Thanks Bobbi and Gracie! First, I would like to thank my parents, then of
    Really much appreciated.

  6. Here's my email:

  7. Gracie
    The names are up on my blog. You have a dog named Pepper. I dont know much about them and if you dont hear from them I will take Peppers spot. Just let me know if you hear from them at


  8. Hi Gracie,

    I Minnie and I drew your name in Jazzi's Christmas Exchange. Nice to meet you! You are such a cutie pie and have a great family, too. (I peaked at your posts). I have a great-grandmother human who lives with us, is 84 and wears hearing aids. She tells me and my brother Mack DO NOT EAT THEM, THEY COST A LOT!

    Please tell you mom to send us your address so we can send you a great Christmas goodie package. Send it to to our human.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Come visit us at Minnie and Macks Daily Digest

  9. Your granddaughter is a real cutie-patootie. I was surprised to hear my name pronounced correctly. Few who read it know how to pronounce it. I usually get called Reena, with a long 'e', or Renee (ri-nay).

    Congrats to Jim!

  10. Your granddaughter is adorable! That ice cream looked so good! Congrats to Jim!


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