Saturday, October 30, 2010

It's Obvious who is At Fault

I'm not usually one to put the blame on someone else.  But in this case, it's obvious who is at fault.  The facts are all the proof I need.  It's his fault.

Fact:  In mid September, when Gary's Uncle Victor arrived to live in the adjoining apartment of our house (our guest apartment), I weighed 143 lb.  I realize some women don't like to reveal their weight or their age.  I don't really care, my life's pretty much an open book.  

Fact: today I weigh 148 lb.  *Gasp*

Is it Uncle Victor's fault?  You bet it is!

It wasn't only requested by him that we go out to dinner with him every Saturday and Sunday... it was expected of us.  

He eats slow.  Very slow.  By the time he's done, I'm ready for dessert... 

waitress: "is that all for you today?"
me: "umm. the peanut butter fudge pie... 
could you give me a piece to go please?"

Get the picture?

So today, it's with fond farewell that we bid Uncle Victor a safe drive back to Florida where he'll spend the winter before heading north again...  and though I will miss him much, I'll be able to focus on eating a little more healthy.  

Gary and Uncle Victor

Dear Diary,

Mom says I have a double.  I don't know what a double is.  Double-stuff oreo cookies.  Do I have cookies?  I think not.

So anyway... Mom got me a new jacket.  It's comfy.  She says it's for when I get groomed and my fur is shorter.  Whatever the case, I love my new jacket...

And I hope my new boyfriend/neighbor 
Max notices me now.



  1. Good Morning!

    I will die and decay a while before I weigh 148!

    Cute little coat for Gracie, seems to fit real well!

  2. Can I borrow your uncle Victor for a month or so? Pretty Please?? Today is for sure a post of doubles, because he looks just like Gary!! And Gracie looks just like the Fur-Real dog! What an adorable coat, and such a baleful look from a cutie-pie! You'll have to excuse me now, I have a sudden craving for Oreos.

  3. LOL, Sharon you always make me laugh. But really, this is not a good weight for me. It all goes to the wrong places and I hurt just about everywhere. Ugh! Ginny, Uncle Victor is on his way to Florida... I'm not sure where you live, but maybe you could flag him down> haha. Hope you're enjoying your Oreo's. Yummm.

  4. Unfortunately that weight thing sneaks up on all of us when we're not looking! Don't ask me what I just had for lunch! :-)

    Gracie looks really cute--What a fashionista! :-)

  5. love Gracie's jacket! she looks so "spiffy" in it!! How sweet to have Uncle Victor living with you like that; I'm sure it is a joy to have him around (those months he is with you). I'm sure those 5 pounds will be gone before you know it!!


  6. Oh Gracie if he doesn't notice you he is either blind or gay! You are too cute!!! Nice outfit!
    Bobbi, yes it WAS Uncle Victor's fault! Sure it was.....

  7. Yes,I agree! All the evidence points to Uncle Victor!Gracie you are too cute! Thanks for visiting me!

  8. Sounds like it's definitely Uncle Victor's fault...LOL! Maybe you'll recover now that he's gone!

    Gracie looks adorable in her new coat!



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