Friday, October 8, 2010

Finding A Fix

I blew another Friday off.  
Put a 'Closed' sign on the office door
... and headed West.

I won't bore you with my numerous yard sale finds.  Let's just say it was a good day... Really.

And though the yard sales were great, the antique stores were better!!

Around each beautiful corner is a memory. 
My mind wanders back in time to a simpler place. A sweeter time.  A slower pace.

But wait, what is this?

Something so wonderful, 
I can't believe my eyes!

  The one thing that will sustain me and get me through the dark days-the gray skies-the cold, wretched winter months.

S.A.D. be gone.  

It's going to be one happy winter!!!


  1. LOL! Now that's a great find! I hope it was full!

  2. Was a gorgeous day, work(?) good to blow off once in a while. Super Great Find!

  3. 0h my!! hand me a spoon! I too wonder if it was full! glad you had an enjoyable Friday! sounds like it was fun!


  4. I can assure you that the can was indeed full!! I do have a confession to make... I didn't actually purchase the chocolate syrup. I just thought it was pretty awesome so I got a picture of it. heehee...

  5. Woo hoo Chocolate ones again saved the day, the month, the season....Well Enjoy!

  6. That kitchen cabinet display makes my dads twitch! Seriously...I see it all the time...wait...they are starting up now!!

  7. We're having gorgeous weather here in northeast Texas. You'd think garage sales would abound; yet my sis-in-law set out yesterday morning and only managed to find two (small town, but still..), and they weren't anything to brag about. I guess people were too busy out enjoying the weather to be dragging their junk into their garages. ;-Þ

    I love garage saling and antiquing. I'm sure you and I would have fun together!

  8. I'm so glad you had a grat day! We all need to take care of US once in a while.--Inger

  9. Sophie is right! I am starting to breath heavy now. WOW! What a nice full cabinet of everything I WANT!!!! You must have had a ball/
    ALso, go get yourself an indoor UV lamp which helps with S.A.D. We have one and it does work if you start now and not wait for the really dark days.


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