Friday, September 3, 2010

Monarch Butterflies and Other Stuff

I'd been waiting on this all summer...  for a Monarch butterfly to be flitting around the wildflowers that we planted in the spring.  After all, the flowers we chose were supposed to attract all kinds of butterflies.  I only ever saw a couple, and they looked more like moths than butterflies. 

This time of year is bittersweet.  The cool mornings are refreshing, and as summer slowly melts away and becomes autumn, I begin to focus on cinnamon spice lotions and candles, multicolored leaves, and decor that includes tiny petrified squash and pumpkins and scented pine cones wrapped in ribbon.

But enough of that.  It's not fall yet, so let's not get ahead of ourselves.

I want to point out a petunia growing in this flower bed in front of our house.   In the spring, this soil was dug up and forget-me-not's  were spread out over the entire area.  The forget-me-not's forgot about us and never amounted to anything.  The hot dry weather this summer could have played a part in that... I don't know for sure. But this one sweet petunia sprouted up about a month or so ago and it refuses to give up the ghost.


I know people like that.  Strong people who refuse to let circumstance get in their way of being the best they can be.  I want to be like that. 

  Did I tell you how happy Gracie was to  see me when I picked her up from the kennel on Tuesday?   The kennel owner was busy and he told us to go back and let her out of her kennel area.  When we opened her door she whimpered and cried and ran like the wind down the long corridor towards the door before noticing that we were not behind her.  She put on her brakes and slid on the shiny floor about two yards before being able to stop and turn around.  LOL.  That's my Gracie.


  1. Petunias are pretty tough, I'm not good with gardens anymore, but petunias will hang in there no matter how purple my thumb is. Guess I should have planted them this year!

    Poor Gracie, she's a sweetie! Bet she was lonesome for her Mommy!

  2. Your little Petunia looks so pretty... I too planted forget~me~nots and they forgot me as well... Hello Gracie... doggies kisses to you!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. I have a poodle/doxie mix, named Pepper. Though Pepper is black, there is still quite a resemblance in him and your Gracie. I saw it just now in the 'look' Gracie is wearing in the "I own her" photo above. ;-)

    Pepper, who joined our family a little over a year ago when a dear neighbor passed on, thinks he owns me, too. My little Min Pin, Leyna, regularly reminds him he doesn't. The battle of their wills continues. ;-Þ

  4. I had no idea what to plant in the dry deserty heat here last summer, so I choose some "safe" flowers, including petunias and they did so well. Very tough and also colorful and pretty.

  5. Don't you just love it when our dogs 'remember' us! Gracie looks soooo content now.



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