Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gracie Speaks

Dear Diary,

It was a day like no other.  Everything I did seemed to be right.  Mom and Dad played toy with me and didn't even yell when I mauled my loud, squeaky chicky-bird while they were trying to watching TV.  I got my ears scratched and and I was made over all day.  And best of all - I GOT ICE CREAM!!!!!

  I don't know what a birthday is.  But they said that it was mine.  I've decided that I'm going to have one every day now.  I just hope they understand that and treat me accordingly...   Gracie


  1. Oooh Gracie, you are adorable! Happy birthday to you! BIG doggie kisses... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Gracie, Sophie would absolutely LOVE YOU!
    Happy Birthday and I hope you get your wish!

  3. Happy Birthday, Gracie! I know it must have been a wonderful day for you and so special.--Inger


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