Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dear Diary, Blindsided

Dear Diary,

The day was great.  The sun was shining.  The Cupcake spent the night and there were plenty of cookies and Cracker Jacks being flung my way.  I had someone closer to my own age to wrestle with.  Life was good.

Oh, she's a little annoying at times.  Especially when I have my nose to the window while stalking Max the Corgi (and new next door neighbor).   
But you gotta take the bad with the good.


Things were moving right along and in a good direction till BAM!  I was blindsided.

I'd worked on my unique and wonderful smell for weeks.  It was just about right.   And then she washed it all off.  

Boy was I ticked!

Ugh!  I just wanted to smell again... And to have dry ears.

I heard her say she was going to the laundry room and I love the laundry room, so I had to forgive and forget.  Us dogs do that you know.  

Ten minutes later I hear her voice.  "Where's Gracie?"  
Where do you think Gracie is?  
You locked her in the laundry room... Geesh!

Back to the drawing board.  Forgiving and forgetting.
 My human treats me like a dog!

To my mom, I have a message.  Save you're words Mommie Dearest.  Don't tell me that I look cute, smell sweet, or that I'm adorable.  Don't wanna hear it.  This is your fault.



  1. Oh, Gracie, you poor girl! I know what it's like, those little humans are fun for a while, but that bath thing - whew! Bad stuff! I always have to go outside and find something good to roll in! I don't like smelling pretty! I'm a guy (kind of)!
    You have my sympathy!

  2. Gracie, Soldier is standing right here looking at you like he truly understands what you are going through. And he hasn't had a bath in like forever! Maybe he's worried I might remember he's overdue.
    But from a human's point of view: You look ADORABLE! If that's any consolation (that means if that makes you feel any better). Hope so!

  3. AW-W! It's a dog's life! Poor Gracie. But you know what you can do, don;t get your old smell back!!! My Sophie does it all the time! Find somethings really smelly to roll in. That will teach those humans a lesson to not mess with you guys. But don't tell Mommy I told you!

  4. OH couldn't stay angry...not an adorable little doggie like you..NOW...come on along and let's have a treat and play in the backyard!



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