Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Calendar Dog

Did I tell you about Gracie winning a space in the local Times- News Dog Calendar a few months back? I didn't even know about the contest till our advertising rep. came into my office and saw this picture on my bulletin board.  
"You have to submit that picture.  It would have a good chance of winning," he said.  

It didn't cost anything.  So I did.

 And now Gracie's famous.

I forgive them for putting my daughter's name down as the owner of Gracie.  She's actually the owner of Marissa,  lol.

Dogs and Kids.  Ya gotta love 'em!


  1. That's real cute! Did you get any compensation or an actual prize?
    I say, you can never take too many pictures of the little kids (furred and not)!

  2. Hey, you're famous!! Sophie will definitely want an autograph.


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