Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bummy - Beautiful and Everything In Between


  1. Yes, the weather does cause those aches and pains....I'm sure of it!
    Those Glads are terrific! I do that this powder helps to dry and preserve what is it? Silica, I think. Check out You Tube and 'google' it too.

  2. Sorry you had a yucky day, yesterday, I am quite familiar with that concept. The inversion table works? Enough to warrant buying one? My DH has back problems.

    What DH is actually a rule follower? :-)

    Drying flowers... You will have to show us how they turn out! You using silica gel or hanging upside down in the attic or how? Have fun!

  3. Gracie is so adorable. Flower pictures are gorgeous and I love the droopy sunflower.--Inger


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