Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Think Lovely Thoughts

So what do you do when the temperature is in the 90's day after day after day and there's no rain in the forecast anytime soon? It's a scorcher. Grass, baked by the sun, has become brittle, brown, and straw-like.

"Pray for rain!"
And while you're waiting on
that prayer to be answered....

Let you're mind wander back in time... like say... six months back.

And grab a cup of hot chocolate. Wait a minute. Scratch that last comment. Better make that an ice cold glass of lemonade. Remember, you're reminiscing. Back to reality!!


  1. LOL! How soon we forget! I'm here in MD, too -- to think that the blizzard seems but a blurry memory now. This is my son's first day of nature camp -- I'm a wreck. I gave him a couple of pickles with his breakfast! (Thank God for little-boy tough stomachs!)

    Stay cool.

  2. This is SO true! I happen to love winter, it's the only time my allergies aren't making me crazy, and I love snuggling in a soft blanket, drinking a warm cup of cocoa and the smell of chili cooking in the crockpot fills the air.

  3. The weather is always extreme in Missouri. But, I truly love all the seasons. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!


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