Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pancakes for Gracie

Does my granddaughter really believe that Gracie has a voice or is she just humoring my poor attempts at ventriloquism?   

Gracie (in deep dog-like voice): Marissa, I love you.

Rissie:  I love you too Gracie.

Gracie: Those pancakes sure do smell good.

Rissie (stuffing a silver-dollar pancake into her mouth): Do you want one?

Gracie: Yea!  Yea!! Pleaaaaassseee….

Rissie: Here you go Gracie….  (puts pancake to Gracie’s mouth).

 Five minutes later Rissie is walking down the hall towards her room when Gracie’s voice deep and clear causes her to stop in her tracks.

Gracie: Rissie, do you have any more of those pancakes?  I’m still hungry.

Rissie: Oh, yea Gracie.

(Rissie rushes over to her small table and takes a pancake and gives it to Gracie).

Gracie: Thank you.

Rissie:  You’re welcome Gracie.


  1. Ok. This was an adorable post. :)

    Mabel has a 'voice' too. :)

  2. Funny story! My dogs adore pancakes! Did you ever find your otoscope tip?

  3. Thank you for the sweet comments. @Lorilee The otoscope tip whereabouts has become a mystery. The gentleman in question says it's not in his ear so I'm thinking it may have jumped out en route to his home. LOL. It's been a long week. TGIF tomorrow!

  4. Actually Gracie and Marissa like Bucka as much or more then pancakes...If you never heard of Bucka...Ask and you shall know.


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